Evening Food & Wine Tour in Bologna

Aerial view of central Bologna
Enjoy an evening full of Bologna’s famed food and wine culture as you stroll through its historic center. A guide will lead you to off-the-beaten-path spots to savor local delicacies. Start with a pick-me-up and try some of Italy’s renowned espresso. You’ll join the locals and stand at the counter as you sip your java. Now that you have a bolt of energy, head out into the streets to start tasting the regional goods!

You’ll try several products particular to Bologna and its surrounding region, including cured meat, Parmigiano cheese, and balsamic vinegar. While you savor your bites, you’ll sip on wine at a historic enoteca. Don't miss trying a slice of traditional Roman pizza! Then enjoy three famous homemade pasta dishes at a typical trattoria and polish it all off with artisanal Italian gelato.

Although food is the focus of this tour, you’ll also enjoy wandering through the charming streets and squares of Bologna. Your guide will help you discover some hidden places that would be hard to find by yourself. As you stroll, listen to entertaining stories about the culture and traditions of Bologna.

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