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Jemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech
Explore the sights, sounds, and smells of Marrakech, a lively metropolis founded in the 11th century. Its location helped the city thrive as a trading center for the tribes in the nearby Atlas Mountains. You'll quickly see why, as its souks (markets) are bountiful! Marrakech is known as the "Red City," which will become obvious as you wander past the historic red sandstone walls and buildings. 

A local guide will lead you through the colorful and bustling Medina (old town) of Marrakech, where you'll visit some of the city's most important attractions. You'll start at Jemaa el Fna Square, the city's landmark plaza filled with markets, street food, and performers. From here, you can stroll to a few of the best souks. You'll find the famed spice towers at Souk el Attarin and traditional Moroccan slippers at Souk Smata. But don't miss Souk des Teinturiers, where you can watch locals dyeing and hanging cloth and yarn.

Next, head to the Medersa Ben Youssef, a beautifully renovated Koran school built in the 16th century. Inside, you can admire the uniquely carved cedar, stucco plaster, and traditional zellij tiling in the central courtyard. You'll then make your way to the 19th-century Bahia Palace, known as the Marrakech's largest and most luxurious. Enjoy strolling through the courtyard's lush gardens and admiring the stunning interiors, including intricate woodwork and ornamented ceilings.

Lastly, visit three of the city's popular and scenic gardens to escape the afternoon heat. Start at the Koutoubia Mosque & Gardens, the city's largest mosque with its elegant gardens featuring fountains, pools, palm trees, and various flowers. Although non-Muslims can't enter the mosque, anyone can enjoy its lush surroundings. The 12th-century Menara Gardens is a historic public park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can enjoy a peaceful break in front of the famed lake and pavilion. End at the Majorelle Gardens in the Ville Nouvelle neighborhood with its sub-tropical plants and colorful buildings.

In the evening, follow your nose to the wonderful smells that waft from food stalls back in Jemaa el Fna Square. Watch locals prepare authentic delicacies and taste the flavors of Marrakech as the sun goes down and the street performers come out to entertain.

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This highlights tour checks off Morocco's top cultural and natural sites. Explore medieval architecture in Rabat, wander the blue streets of Chefchaouen, and see the famous tanneries in Fes. Continue to the Sahara to see the desert city of Ait Benhaddou and spend a peaceful night under the stars, then finish your trip in colorful Marrakech, where vibrant markets, serene gardens, and lively nightlife await.

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