Family Cooking Class in Athens

Photo from MAMAKITA
This family-friendly cooking class will teach you how to make some of Greece's most beloved delicacies, including ntakos, gemista, and Mani galatopita. Set within an organic grocery store filled with Greek products, you'll learn about important local favorites, treats, and ingredients from across the country.

Before you begin, your host will share Greek cuisine's history, tradition, and cultural importance. Together, you'll discover some of the most authentic Greek recipes and secrets as you prepare your meal. This hands-on session produces a traditional Greek meal with horiatiki (Greek salad), gemista (stuffed vegetables), a delicious milk pie from Mani (Mani galatopita), and more.

When finished, you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor and eat together like a local, the key principle of well-known Greek hospitality. Greeks love to welcome visitors into the healthy and flavorful world of the Mediterranean diet! Chat with your host over a glass of Greek wine, beer, ouzo, or juice, and relax.

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Itineraries with Family Cooking Class in Athens

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