Goðafoss Waterfall of the Gods, Northern Iceland


Set between the towns of Akureyri and Húsavík in Northern Iceland is Goðafoss Waterfall, known as the "Waterfall of the Gods" for its impressive size and unique history. The waterfall got its name when the country converted to Christianity in the year 1000. According to local legend, the chieftain Þorgeir Þorkelsson made the tough decision to convert the country from the old Nordic gods to Christianity (to prevent war). So he threw the old gods into the falls to symbolize the change to the new era.

It's impossible to miss Goðafoss, as it's just off Route 1, Iceland's famous Ring Road. After parking your car, you'll enjoy a quick and easy walk that takes you to see the waterfall up close. Or, you can opt for a slightly longer trek following a path that offers multiple views from several different perspectives. 

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