San Fruttuoso abbey
San Fruttuoso abbey

Hike to San Fruttuoso Abbey from Portofino, Portofino


Explore the natural beauty around Portofino and San Fruttuoso with a moderate hike on the Italian Riviera. Portofino Natural Park is an exceptional place for hiking and features many beautiful trails leading through its varied Mediterranean flora. As you walk, savor the views and enjoy a unique panorama over the steep coastline!

The hike begins from Portofino in the town center, where you'll walk for about two hours along a scenic trail. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the picturesque town and bay of San Fruttuoso, known for its ancient abbey. You can reach this cove only by foot or boat, which means the area remains largely hidden and undiscovered—well worth a visit!

At San Fruttuoso, enjoy a seafood lunch in one of the waterfront restaurants and some free time to visit the abbey. Then, to return to Portofino, you’ll take a local afternoon ferry.

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