On this colorful, seaside tour, you'll hike the routes along Cinque Terre's famous coastlines, visiting villages like Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, and Portovenere. You'll hike through scenic vineyards and along steep trails to score the best views of the Ligurian Sea, stopping at sanctuaries, churches, castles, and seaside abbeys. At the end of your trip, enjoy a boat cruise along the entirety of Cinque Terre, from Portovenere to Levanto.


  • Explore the colorful villages of Cinque Terre, visiting churches and castles
  • Discover scenic vistas of the Ligurian Sea atop high trails
  • Hike through natural parks, vineyards, and along cliffsides
  • Take a boat cruise from Portovenere to Levanto
  • Visit sanctuaries and abbeys atop hills and along the coast

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Trek to Monterosso via Sant'Antonio Levanto
Day 2 Hike to Vernazza via the Ridges and Sanctuaries of Monterosso Levanto
Day 3 Discover Camogli and Portofino - Visit the San Fruttuoso Abbey Levanto
Day 4 Visit the Towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Corniglia Levanto
Day 5 Visit the Sanctuaries of Riomaggiore - Take a Boat Along the Coast Levanto
Day 6 Farewell Italy  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Trek to Monterosso via Sant'Antonio

The Beaches of Monterosso
The Beaches of Monterosso

Welcome to the beautiful region of Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre, Italian for "Five Lands", encompasses the villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. On day one of your trip, you'll walk the scenic route from Levanto that passes by the Sant'Antonio Church along Mesco Point, an incredibly picturesque cape. After all the jaw-dropping views, you'll continue to the village of Monterosso. The walk is fairly gradual, navigating a small pass before a beautiful stretch through vineyards and olive groves. The views of the sea are particularly beautiful as you descend into the town.

Upon arriving in Monterosso, you'll have plenty of time to discover the village with its medieval character. Don't miss the famous tower houses and the narrow, stone streets, as well as the Church of San Giovanni Battista and Oratorio dei Neri.

Enjoy lunch along one of the picturesque beaches, then catch a train back to Levanto. You can relax at your accommodation before heading out for dinner.

Trekking Details:
Duration: 3 - 4 hours of hiking
Elevation: +1500 feet (450m) / -1500 feet (450m)

Day 2: Hike to Vernazza via the Ridges and Sanctuaries of Monterosso

Beautiful Views of Vernazza
Beautiful Views of Vernazza

Enjoy breakfast at your accommodation, followed by a train ride to yesterday's hiking destination, Monterosso. From here, you'll enjoy a day hike up to the scenic ridges that overlook the town and the sea.

The hike is a bit steeper than yesterday, but worth the effort. You'll wander through a forest of maritime pines, continuing through olive groves and vineyards. Along the way, you'll discover the shrines of Soviore and Reggio, nestled high up in the ridges. Locals believe that they protect the villages below.

You'll continue on your to visit one of the other Cinque Terre villages, Vernazza. Famous for its small harbor housing colorful fishing boats, you'll recognize the village straight away. Big, boldly-colored houses are built into the shelter of the mountain, surrounding the charming main square. Don't miss Doria Castle for beautiful views of the village, and the Catholic Church, Chiesa Di S.Margherita.

You'll trek back to Monterosso where you'll catch a train returning to Levanto. Spend some time this evening enjoying the town and noshing on a delicious dinner.

Trekking Details:
Duration: 5 hours of hiking
Elevation: +1800 feet (550 m) / -1800 feet (550 m)

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Day 3: Discover Camogli and Portofino - Visit the San Fruttuoso Abbey

Portofino's Colorful Harbor
Portofino's Colorful Harbor

This morning, you'll catch the train to the charming fishing village of Camogli. Its name is a shortened version of 'casa delle mogli', which means 'the house of women'. According to tradition, houses in Camogli were built facing the sea so that women could sit and await the return of their fishermen husbands.

You'll have some time to enjoy the village, by walking leisurely along its beach, exploring its lighthouse, or shopping along its colorful streets. Then you'll start today's trek to San Fruttuoso Abbey in the regional park of Portofino. The stone abbey sits along a seaside inlet, its 10th-century tower dominating the scene.

You'll continue your hike, walking a high trail along the coast and stopping at scenic lookouts along the way. One of the most popular viewpoints is the Cala degli Inglesi. With its panoramic view, you can see far along the coast and down the rocky cliffs to the turquoise water below. A perfect place for a rest.

Then you'll visit the small port town of Portofino, another village sporting a colorful harbor. Climb the Castello Brown for exceptional views, and visit the Portofino Lighthouse. You'll return to Levanto by train, arriving just in time for dinner.

Trekking Details:
Duration: 6 hours of hiking
Elevation: +2800 feet (850 m) / -2800 feet (850 m)

Day 4: Visit the Towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Corniglia

Beautiful Shores of Manarola
Beautiful Shores of Manarola

After breakfast, you'll take the train to one of Cinque Terre's most popular villages, Riomagiorre. A traditional fishing village, the town is home to cliffside houses with a famous ochre hue. Take some time to roam the colorful streets and visit the Castello di Riomaggiore.

From Riomagiorre you'll visit the town of Manarola by train. This smaller village is perched on a prominent landmark of dark rock, characterized by its steep towers which defend the town. From here you'll begin your walk to Volastra, a quaint inland village of just 200 people known for its amazing views and the Nostra Signora della Salute Church. Continue on to the village of Corniglia, which dates back to the Roman Era. Corniglia has a special location, as it offers panoramic views of the four other villages of Cinque Terre.

Before returning to Levanto by train, take some time to enjoy Corniglia. Walk up its famous steps and visit the Largo Taragio monument and the Church of St. Peter.

Trekking Details:
Duration: 5 hours of hiking
Elevation: +2500 feet (750 m) / -2500 feet (750 m)

Day 5: Visit the Sanctuaries of Riomaggiore - Take a Boat Along the Coast

Colorful Portovenere
Colorful Portovenere

Today you'll return to beautiful Riomaggiore by train, walking up to the upper part of the village to visit the Sanctuary of Montenero, the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace. Continue your hike through picturesque vineyards to another sanctuary overlooking the sea.

Gradually, you'll enter the natural park of Porto Venere, a very scenic green space offering panoramic views over the Gulf of Spezia. By the afternoon, you'll reach the village of Portovenere, which dates back to the Roman Empire. At the end of the port's peninsula, you'll find the impressive Church of St. Peter jutting out of the rock. The town is also home to the Castello Doria Fortress and the gorgeous San Lorenzo Church with its famous striped facade.

As you prepare for your departure back to Levanto, you can opt for a boat cruise rather than the train, enjoying Cinque Terre from a different vantage point.

Trekking Details:
Duration: 5 - 6 hours of hiking
Elevation: +2500 feet (750 m) / -2500 feet (750 m)

Day 6: Farewell Italy

Beautiful Cinque Terre
Beautiful Cinque Terre

Enjoy your final breakfast in beautiful Cinque Terre. Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to Italy. You can catch a train from Levanto to the nearest international airport in Pisa.