Meteora Sunset Tour

Photo from Meteora Thrones
Discover the incredible scenery of Meteora at sunset and explore the centuries-old monasteries. Reaching heights close to 2,000 feet (600 meters), Meteora is one of Greece's most important monastic communities. Your local guide will take you through this UNESCO World Heritage Site and explain its geological, cultural, and historical significance.

Home to some of the oldest monasteries in Greece, Meteora rises out of imposing rock formations created 60 million years ago. Enjoy a tour of the 9th-century monastic life, nearly unaffected by modern times! You'll visit all six monasteries and enter one of them. Along the way, you'll listen to historical information, local knowledge, and insider secrets.

Next, visit the Byzantine Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Inside the walls, you'll find the marble of the ancient Temple of Apollo that was hidden for hundreds of years.

As the sun begins to melt into the horizon behind the Pindos Mountains, enjoy a unique perspective that not many visitors experience. Meteora at sunset is truly a sight to behold as vibrant colors act as a backdrop to these rocky monasteries. According to Greek mythology, the sunset at Meteora is the god Helios on his fiery chariot.

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