Panoramic Meteora & Monasteries Tour

Sunset falls on the monsteries of Meteora
Explore the centuries-old monasteries built into massive rocks known as Meteora. Reaching heights close to 2,000 feet (600 meters), Meteora is one of Greece's most important monastic communities. A local guide will take you through this UNESCO World Heritage Site and explain its geological, cultural, and historical significance.

Home to some of the oldest monasteries in Greece, Meteora rises out of imposing rock formations created 60 million years ago, generating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Tour the 9th-century monastic life, almost completely unaffected by modern times! You'll visit all six monasteries and enter three of them. 

Along the way, your guide will continue to share historical information, local knowledge, and insider specifics. One fun fact is that until the end of the 19th century, monks and nuns had to use rope ladders to transport goods up and down the rocks. Today, the unique landscape offers exceptional panoramic views—no rope ladders required!

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Itineraries with Panoramic Meteora & Monasteries Tour

Explore Athens, Meteora, Delphi, & the Cyclades - 11 Days

Hit several major hotspots on this 11-day tour of some of Greece's most beautiful and iconic sites. You'll start in Athens, with a full day to experience the Acropolis and buzzing neighborhoods before visiting the monasteries of Meteora suspended in the sky and the amazing ruins of Delphi. Next, hop a ferry to glamorous Mykonos. Here you'll explore beaches, boardwalks, and nightlife under the eyes of the island's famous windmills. End the trip in Santorini with its classic white-topped cliffs and caldera views, complete with island cruising, wine tasting, and stunning sunsets to spare.

Best of Greece: Mainland, Santorini & Crete - 14 Days

Travel for two weeks across a wide span of Greece's top attractions, from the clifftops of Meteora to the Cretan seaside. You'll start by winding your way through the many columns of mainland historic attractions like ancient Delphi and Olympia. Go out to sea to Santorini for a taste of the Cyclades, then end your trip in Crete's second-largest city.

Central Greece & Skopelos Exploration - 9 Days

Whether you're taking in the seaside from the coastal forests of Skopelos or gazing down from the clifftop monasteries of Meteora, this nine-day itinerary has panoramic views to spare. Start atop the Acropolis and site of a famous Spartan battle at Thermopylae, then ship out to the island of Skopelos for three days of beaches and cinematic perspectives with a Mamma Mia location tour. Return to the mainland with a trip up to Meteora before you return to Athens.

Adventurous Athens, Central Greece, and Corfu - 13 Days

Spend 13 days hiking, biking, and paddling around some of Greece's most stunning locations with this whirlwind itinerary. Discover Athens by bicycle and go fishing for your supper before heading to the clifftop monasteries of Meteora. Trek through the hilly villages of atmospheric Zagori and learn to cook a traditional meal. Finally, sail to Corfu to explore its rocky coastline, gorgeous beaches, and picturesque Old Town. 

Family Exploration of Mainland Greece: Athens, Delphi, Meteora, & More - 14 Days

Take two weeks to travel to some of Greece's lesser-visited landmarks and villages with this family-focused itinerary. Guided tours specifically designed for school-age children will help keep everyone engaged with stories from history and legend as you visit ancient monuments, gardens, and natural attractions. Start with the main sights in Athens, then hit the road up to the temples of Delphi, sky-high monasteries of Meteora, the northern bustle of Thessaloniki, and stone villages of Zagori.