Mythology & Botanical Gardens in Athens for Kids

Photo from MAMAKITA
Explore the myths and fables of the natural world inside the Ioulia & Alexandros N. Diomidis Botanical Garden. This kid-friendly activity features a professional biologist who shares the stories of gods and goddesses from ancient Greek mythology. You'll learn the answers to questions within these stories, such as what connects the pine trees with Pitys and the relationship between the first feminist Rodanthe of Corinth and the roses.

As the largest Botanical Garden in the southeastern Mediterranean, you'll be surrounded by over 4,000 species and subspecies of plants. As you stroll through the greenery, enjoy learning about the relationship between humans, nature, and plants. According to Ancient Greek legends, gods, goddesses, and nymphs always play with our imagination and travel around us in nature!

The ancient Greeks lived inside forests, near the sea, and atop mountains for centuries. Many feared and worshipped nature, including the sea, sky, rivers, lakes, trees, and fountains, all designated as gods. Some, however, were mere mortals who changed shape to become a rock, a tree, or an animal. Listen to various stories, including Aphrodite’s myrtle, Apollo’s laurel, and Zeus’ oak tree.

Αt the end of the tour, you can stay and enjoy the gardens. The grounds are the perfect place for a family picnic and feature a well-protected playground.

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