Northern Lights Snowshoe Experience in Svolvær

Spend an eveing chasing the Aurora Borealis
Discover the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the Arctic region of Norway on snowshoes. From early fall until mid-spring, solar storms light up the sky in various colors. In winter, amongst fresh snowfall, the experience is even more magical. The show draws tourists from around the world but also appeals to the region's locals.

Guides make it their mission to find the lights and share this phenomenon with you. First, you'll get acquainted with your snowshoes and learn a few basic techniques. Then, you'll head into the backcountry in search of silence and less light pollution. Along the way, the guides will share the science behind the phenomenon and tell stories about local history, culture, and folklore. 

Once you find the lights, stop and adjust your camera settings to capture the best images. The guides are happy to take a few shots of you with the colors in the background!

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Itineraries with Northern Lights Snowshoe Experience in Svolvær

Northern Lights in Norway & Lapland - 6 Days

Pack your warmest winter clothes and head to the far north to experience the beauty and mystery of the Northern Lights and the peaceful communities that bear them witness. Spend your days frolicking in the snow and your nights hunting the aurora borealis from towns and fjords. Start and end the trip in Tromsø, a lively city known for its culture and restaurants.