Santorini Fishing Excursion & Seafood Meal

Experience Santorini's famed seafood aboard a traditional fishing boat while eating the catch-of-the-day. First, you'll start your excursion at Vlychada Marina. Then, as you head for one of the deepest and most diverse spots in the Aegean Sea, your boat will release nets and creels in hopes of catching shrimp and octopuses.

Your guide will teach you about the island's traditional fishing methods and help you get acquainted with your equipment. After learning a few basic techniques, you'll try your luck in the water. Whatever the ship catches, you'll enjoy it as your meal!

After fishing, you'll dock at a gentle harbor where the crew will prepare your local seafood lunch or dinner. While you wait, enjoy swimming or snorkeling in the sea. If you haven't snorkeled before, your guide is happy to help you learn some diving and breathing techniques. Finally, enjoy your freshly caught meal with local wine, beer, and Greek ouzo.

If you opt for the afternoon excursion, you'll return to the open sea after dinner and watch a famous Santorini sunset. Then, enjoy views of the caldera as the sun melts in the sea before returning to Vlychada.

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Itineraries with Santorini Fishing Excursion & Seafood Meal

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