Santorini Wineries Tour & Tasting

Santorini Wine Tour
Explore and taste the unique and delicious wines of Santorini, produced with grapes grown in volcanic soil. Not only does the soil impact the flavor, but it also protects the plants from diseases. The island's vines escaped the devastating Phylloxera that spread around Europe starting in the late 19th century. As a result, Santorini has some of the oldest vines on the continent!

You'll visit three of the most traditional Santorini vineyards. Along the way, learn about the history of the island's ancient winemaking throughout the past centuries. Then, you'll taste several varieties, including the signature Assyrtiko and famed Mavrotragano.

While exploring the vineyards, enjoy a selection of different wine varieties and local snacks. As you sip and nosh, the winery owners will share fascinating stories about the winemaking practices that you'll only find in Santorini. Enjoy a glass of the renowned Vinsanto, a refreshing and naturally sweet wine to finish the tour.

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