Slow Travel on Lake Como: Brunate & Torno

Explore Lake Como and its incredible scenery with a cable car, boat, and foot tour. Then, explore Brunate and visit Torno to admire the city from above. Learn the history and interesting facts about the lake while walking in the surrounding woods and tasting some local delicacies with a delicious picnic lunch.

Start at the funicular station in Como and ride up the cable train to Brunate, known as the “beautiful balcony of Como.” Along the way, your guide will share some local insight about the city, lake, and surrounding mountains, which can only be truly understood and appreciated from atop the hill. 

Next, enjoy a scenic and easy hike beloved by tourists and locals alike. You’ll pass through the area’s breathtaking landscapes, mysterious boulders, and pendulous stones, making your way to an ancient village. The hike is a perfect way to enjoy Lake Como at a more leisurely pace that’s both relaxing and fun. Finally, you’ll cross the mountains of Blevio, Sorto, and Cazzannoro and arrive at Monte Piatto. Nearby, you’ll find the so-called Pietra Pendula, a large erratic boulder that seems to lean on another smaller stone precariously. 

After a delicious picnic lunch filled with local and regional delicacies, you’ll continue toward the small village of Piazzaga, where you’ll discover the mysterious Massi Avelli (stone tombs). Then descend to the picturesque village of Torno overlooking the lake, and return to Como by boat.

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