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In a week, you can visit two to three regions in Colombia, allowing for a mixture of cities, beach time, and trekking through the Andes or the Sierra Nevada mountains. Flying open jaw will help you make the most of your time—arrive in Bogotá and a departure from Medellín to visit both.

Travelers who don't mind a fast-paced itinerary can visit Bogotá, the Coffee Region, and the Caribbean coast, flying out of Cartagena. For an active trip, fly into Medellín and trek through the rare Paramó eco-system of Los Nevados National Park, including time to explore the mountainous town of Manizales. 

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One of Tayrona's stunning beaches on the Caribbean Sea
Map of Colombia's Caribbean Coast  - 7 Days
Colombia's Caribbean Coast - 7 Days

This 7-day land and sea adventure covers all the highlights along Colombia's northern coast. You'll experience the culture and fairy-tale romance of Cartagena's Old Town, explore the beautiful Tayrona National Park, hike through mountainous jungles, go birdwatching, visit a coffee farm, and finish your trip with a relaxing trip to the Rosario Islands by private speedboat.

A mountainous plantation in Colombia's Coffee Triangle
Map of Bogotá, Coffee Triangle & Caribbean Coast - 7 Days
Bogotá, Coffee Triangle & Caribbean Coast - 7 Days

Colombia is a nation of vibrant cities, sleepy pueblos, and extraordinary landscapes: this action-packed 7-day tour gives you a taste of the true diversity of this country. Within the span of a week you'll visit the superb museums of Bogotá, savor freshly roasted coffee near Salento and gaze at the sea from Cartagena's glorious ramparts. 

Sunset over the Amazon at Letitia.
Map of Adventure in Colombia's Amazon Region - 7 Days
Adventure in Colombia's Amazon Region - 7 Days

Exploring an area as vast as the Colombian Amazonas might seem daunting, but almost everything that this wild region offers can be experienced in one week from the main town of Leticia. Here’s a 7-day itinerary that stitches together the best wildlife viewing and interactions with indigenous culture, the region’s two principal draws.

Trekking in Los Nevados National Park
Map of Medellín & Los Nevados Trek - 7 Days
Medellín & Los Nevados Trek - 7 Days

Enjoy the natural beauty of Colombia on this 7-day itinerary which takes you through the mountains and valleys of Colombia's famous coffee region. You'll undertake a multi-day trek in the Andes, relax in the peaceful city of Manizales, and then finish with some urban culture and great museums in the city of Medellin.

Iconic wax palm trees in the Cocora Valley
Map of Medellín, Bogotá and the Zona Cafetera - 7 Days
Medellín, Bogotá and the Zona Cafetera - 7 Days

On this fun and fast-paced 7-day tour, you'll experience two of Latin America’s most exciting cities, stay overnight on a working coffee farm, and hike the Andean foothills. The trip starts in Medellín, the scenic metropolis fast on the rise after a turbulent past. You’ll then head into the heart of Colombia's coffee triangle, where you’ll explore the charming town of Salento and tour a working finca (coffee farm) — an industry that has embraced tourism with open arms. You’ll also hike the jaw-dropping green mountains in Valle de Cocora before finishing the trip in Colombia’s sophisticated urban capital.

View of the Lost City
Map of The Lost City Trek - 7 Days
The Lost City Trek - 7 Days

Ciudad Perdida (or the "Lost City") is located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range close to the Caribbean sea. Here, you’ll discover the past life of local indigenous people with their wooden houses and stone structures, including terraces and stairways.

Aerial view of Amazon's lush rainforest.
Map of Colombia's Amazon Rainforest & Canyons - 7 Days
Colombia's Amazon Rainforest & Canyons - 7 Days

This adventurous 7-day itinerary starts in the exciting capital of Bogotá before delving into the Amazon rainforest (by charter plane) to get to one of the hardest-to-reach places in the country. This wild location will be your home for the next three nights, and the itinerary combines hiking and boating around two dramatic canyons, plenty of wildlife viewing, and interactions with two local tribes. Return to "civilization" and spend your last night in Villavicencio dancing alongside Colombian cowboys.

An artistic clay house in Villa De Leyva
Map of Bogotá and the Colombian Highlands - 7 Days
Bogotá and the Colombian Highlands - 7 Days

On this culturally rich 7-day tour, you'll explore the historic and cosmopolitan side of Bogotá before heading north through the scenic Colombian highlands towards two of the country's most photogenic cobblestoned towns. Here, you’ll visit the underground salt mines, bike the Suarez Canyon, and finally explore the Spanish Colonial wonder that is Barichara — oozing with charm — before heading back to the capital's exciting restaurants and nightlife.

Undeveloped coastland near Nuqui
Map of Medellín & the Pacific Coast - 7 Days
Medellín & the Pacific Coast - 7 Days

Get ready for the wild and remote region of Chocó on Colombia's lesser-visited Pacific coast, which is the crux of this 7-day itinerary. The trip starts with a flight to Nuqui in a dense rainforest where you'll spend three days exploring tiny villages and partaking in a variety of activities like canoe rides, hiking, cooking with locals, whale watching, and soaking in hot springs. End the trip in one of Latin America's most exciting cities (Medellín) and then visit a nearby coffee farm to round out this awesome Colombian adventure.

Finish your trip in romantic Cartagena, with rooftop bars and Caribbean sunsets.
Map of Medellín, Zona Cafetera & Cartagena - 7 Days
Medellín, Zona Cafetera & Cartagena - 7 Days

This classic itinerary covers Colombia's Zona Cafetera (coffee zone), bookended by two of Latin America’s most exciting cities. The adventure starts in striking Medellín, where you'll explore this up-and-coming metropolis with a local guide. You'll then drive to the heart of the coffee region and stay overnight at a working farm. Enjoy a day in Salento with a guided hike through stunning green mountains before flying north to Cartagena, where you'll have time to hit the narrow streets of this colonial inner-walled city. Conclude your week with a free day on the coast — perhaps a speedboat ride to the Rosario Islands for white-sand beaches.

Aerial view of Medellín at dusk
Map of December Holiday Adventure in Colombia - 7 Days
December Holiday Adventure in Colombia - 7 Days

Take advantage of the ample time off work in late December and travel to a place that knows how to do the holidays. This fun and festive 7-day Latin American adventure starts in the up-and-coming city of Medellín. With hip restaurants, art galleries, and eternal spring-like temperatures, this city goes bonkers with Christmas lights. From here, you'll head to lakeside Guatapé for hiking, visit a coffee farm, and then fly to Cartagena -- a fairy-tale city that draws a vibrant international crowd. Reserve early and get a seat at one of the city's best rooftop bars overlooking stunning colonial architecture and the Caribbean Sea -- what a way to start the new year!

A view of the islands of near Cartagena.
Map of Cartagena and Colombia's Islands - 7 Days
Cartagena and Colombia's Islands - 7 Days

Explore some of the best destinations along Colombia's northern coast on this 7-day adventure that combines a fast-paced urban adventure with the relaxing allure of a tropical island retreat. Tour the colorful Caribbean jewel of Cartegena, then head to a personalized island escape where you can recharge. For travelers who can't choose between an active trip and a secluded getaway, this itinerary offers the best of both worlds.

Enjoy a walking adventure in Colombia
Map of Colombia's Urban Walking Tour: Bogotá & Medellín - 7 Days
Colombia's Urban Walking Tour: Bogotá & Medellín - 7 Days

City slickers who like to hoof it will love this weeklong itinerary in Colombia spotlighting two of Latin America’s most exciting (and mountainous) hubs. The trip starts in the sophisticated capital of Bogotá where you'll have time to soak in the culture, restaurants and nightlife. From here, take a day-trip to the highlands to visit the region's salt mines. Next, it's a flight to Medellín, the scenic metropolis in the midst of a transformation after a turbulent past. With year-round spring temps and a free metrocable, there's plenty to see and do. Take a hike in lakeside Guatapé to round out this fun adventure.

Views across Providencia and the Caribbean Sea
Discover Colombia's Caribbean Islands: San Andrés & Providencia - 7 Days

White sands and turquoise seas beckon on this 7-day island getaway. Located just off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the Colombian isles of San Andrés and Providencia offer a hidden paradise of unspoiled beaches, world-class diving sites, and vibrant Afro-Caribbean culture. With a relaxed itinerary and lots of free time, you can spend the week settling into the rhythms of island life.

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