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Explore Beautiful Tayrona Park
Map of Explore Tayrona National Park - 4 Days
Explore Tayrona National Park - 4 Days

If you only visit one place on Colombia's northern coast, make sure it's Tayrona National Park. You'll pack a lot of activity into this short itinerary—arrive in the colonial city of Santa Marta before spending two days hiking to some of Tayrona's most secluded beaches and the Pueblito Ruins.

Enjoy three nights in lively Medellín
Map of Medellín & the Andes - 4 Days
Medellín & the Andes - 4 Days

This fun four-day jaunt spotlights one of Latin America's most exciting cities—perfect for travelers who love urban energy and culture. Set against the Andes mountain range, Medellín is a scenic metropolis fast on the rise with walkable neighborhoods, a free gondola, and year-round spring weather. After a few days exploring the city, you'll drive into the lush green countryside and visit an authentic coffee finca (farm) before returning to Medellín's fantastic bars and restaurants.

Cartagena & Island Adventure - 4 Days
Map of Cartagena & Island Adventure - 4 Days
Cartagena & Island Adventure - 4 Days

Pair Cartagena's colonial walled city on the northern coast with the nearby Caribbean Islands for the ultimate culture and beach adventure. Start with a tour of Cartagena's colorful streets, lined with palaces, churches, and galleries. Then take a day trip to the Rosario Islands to relax on white-sand beaches. Spend your last night in Cartagena's Old Town, soaking in the fairy-tale romance from one of the city's rooftop bars.

A place for adventure and reflection!
Map of Experience Colombia's Amazon - 4 Days
Experience Colombia's Amazon - 4 Days

This 4-day excursion into the Amazon will give you a taste  of one of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in the world. This itinerary is the perfect introduction to the Amazon as it will bring you down the river, through the rainforest, and into various indigenous communities along the way. Take a boat cruise along the Amazon River, stroll through the eco-friendly village of Puerto Nariño, take a dip in the beautiful waters of Lake Tarapoto, and more.

Colonial Cartagena and Island Adventure - 4 Days
Map of Colonial Cartagena and Island Adventure - 4 Days
Colonial Cartagena and Island Adventure - 4 Days

Like pairing a gourmet meal with a fine wine, the best way to complement a trip to the Spanish-colonial fortress city of Cartagena is to include an excursion to nearby Caribbean islands. This short and sweet four-day itinerary offers just that: colonial culture and a relaxing beach holiday wrapped into one.

Square in Villa de Leyva
4 Day Colombia Highlands Tour

The images you see in many publications advertising Colombia typically feature virgin rainforest and windswept Caribbean beaches. But in the center of the country, you'll find an entire highland region abounding with colonial villages, ancient archeological sites, and other unique landmarks. The best part is that these highlights are invariably located within day-tripping distance of the nation's capital, Bogotá. So pack your cold-weather clothing and prepare for a quick jaunt to Colombia's highlands region.

Rio Verde Adventure - 4 Days
Rio Verde Adventure - 4 Days

If you have an adventurous spirit and a thirst for natural beauty then you're going to love this brisk four-day itinerary. You'll experience Medellín like few others, traveling outside the city for an overnight rafting expedition on the Río Verde. This vivid emerald waterway cuts through untouched Colombian rainforest and carves its way through jungle canyons, featuring miles and miles of nail-biting whitewater and class IV rapids. After your rafting adventure, return the city and enjoy a gourmet dinner and smart cocktail in one of the city's upscale restaurants and cocktail lounges.

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