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In 6 days, you can visit one or two regions in Colombia, allowing for a mixture of nature and urban culture. Flying open-jaw will help you make the most of your time—most major cities have large international airports, making this an easy and economical option. Arrive in Bogotá and depart from Medellín to experience a taste of Colombia's cosmopolitan cities. For an active trip, fly into Pereira or Armenia and trek the mountainous coffee-growing region of Zona Cafetera. If you like a more relaxed pace, spending 6 days in Cartagena is a way to experience Colombia's history and beautiful beaches from one convenient base.

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Bogota and Cartagena - 6 Days
Map of Bogota and Cartagena - 6 Days
Bogota and Cartagena - 6 Days

Six days is just long enough to experience the energy and culture of Colombia's most exciting destinations—with a bit of beach time thrown in for good measure. You'll start off in the cosmopolitan capital of Bogotá where you can indulge in the thriving food and art scene, then jet off to Cartagena to explore Old Town—the inner-walled city that abounds with colonial architecture and history. Throw in a day trip to the Caribbean Rosario Islands and you have a vacation worth its weight in gold.

A slice of Providencia Island
Map of San Andrés & Providencia - 6 Days
San Andrés & Providencia - 6 Days

These twin islands off the coast of Nicaragua actually belong to Colombia, making it a multi-cultural beach trip like no other. Start in San Andrés, the more developed of the two isles, where you'll have time to experience Raizal culture before heading to Providencia for three days of hiking, diving, and slow island life. Finish back in San Andrés for one more Caribbean sunset and a reggae show.

The Sierra Nevada mountains come to meet the Caribbean sea in Tayrona National Park
Map of Cartagena & Tayrona Park - 6 Days
Cartagena & Tayrona Park - 6 Days

This fun 6-day adventure hits two major highlights along Colombia's northern coast. First, you'll experience the culture and fairy-tale romance of Cartagena's Old Town, an inner-walled city oozing with colonial architecture and history, not to mention hip hotels and rooftop bars. Then drive east towards Santa Marta to spend a few days at Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona (Tayrona Park) for a slice of South America's prettiest coastline. Explore on your own or take a guided tour of the park's hiking trails and exotic beaches.

Colorful streets of Getsemaní in Cartagena
Map of Cartagena's Magic and Culture - 6 Days
Cartagena's Magic and Culture - 6 Days

Anyone who thinks you can't get to the heart of Cartagena, Colombia in six days is obviously not familiar with this itinerary. In a little less than a week, you can discover every inch of this well-preserved Spanish colonial metropolis, from the most off-the-beaten-path street markets to the trendiest cocktail lounges. You'll visit ancient fortresses and learn to dance like a local in a professional salsa class. You'll even be able to work in a little Caribbean beach time, too.

Taking a break with a stunning view
Map of Trekking in Colombia's  Zona Cafetera  - 6 Days
Trekking in Colombia's Zona Cafetera - 6 Days

In this itinerary, you'll embark on a high-altitude 4-day trek into Los Nevados National Park. You'll visit a working coffee farm and enjoy the unique scenery of the Páramo Eco-system here. While many travelers only see the Cocora Valley and Salento on a quick day trip, you'll get to know Colombia's Zona Cafetera from an in-depth perspective over the course of your 6 days in the region.

Discover the natural wonders of Colombia's Alto Orinoco
Colombia's Alto Orinoco: River & Trekking Adventure - 6 Days

Journey deep into the jungles of northeastern Colombia on this rugged 6-day adventure along the Alto Orinoco. With a mix of boating and trekking excursions, you'll follow the route charted by the 19th-century naturalist Alexander von Humbolt, whose studies of the region's breathtaking biodiversity helped found modern ideas of climate and ecology. Travel down winding rivers, trek through spectacular rainforest scenery, and meet the area's indigenous communities.

Medellín's cablecar system ascending a hill at dusk
Map of Medellín and the Caribbean Coast - 6 Days
Medellín and the Caribbean Coast - 6 Days

What's better than immersing yourself in the culture, cuisine, and nightlife of one famous Colombian city? Doing so in two famous Colombian cities. In less than a week you'll get to do just that, starting in the "city of the eternal spring," Medellín. Enjoy the trendy restaurants and cocktail lounges of this revitalized metropolis. Then, fly to Cartagena—a well-preserved fortress city and a throwback to a time when the kingdom of Spain ruled the New World. Snap photos as you wander its colonial streets, sample the fresh seafood and visit the nearby Rosario Islands.

Green coffee beans ripening on the vine
Map of Colombian Coffee & Colonial Towns: Bogotá & Zona Cafetera - 6 Days
Colombian Coffee & Colonial Towns: Bogotá & Zona Cafetera - 6 Days

This trip starts in the capital, where you'll discover colorful neighborhoods and museums on a walking tour, along with famous restaurants and nightlife. Then, fly into the heart of the Zona Cafetera and spend the night at a working coffee farm. Visit nearby Salento, a colonial town that wears its exuberance on its sleeve. While here, hike the unspoiled green mountains of the Cocora Valley, dotted with towering wax palms.

Map of Cartagena & Caribbean Colombia - 6 Days
Cartagena & Caribbean Colombia - 6 Days

Cartagena is the sum of its incredible parts: colonial and modern architecture, vibrant nightlife and cultural festivals, magnificent beaches, and outstanding gastronomic offerings. This six-day tour exposes you to some of the best sights, sounds, and experiences of the Caribbean city, from its dreamy beaches to local cuisine that you can learn to cook for yourself, and much more.

White-tailed Starfrontlet (E)
Map of Birding Tour of Coastal Colombia - 6 Days
Birding Tour of Coastal Colombia - 6 Days

This itinerary is primed for tropical bird viewing in Colombia: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. You'll start your birding adventure in the town of Minca, where its green dry forest harbors some diverse species, from toucans to trogons and hummingbirds to red-crested woodpeckers. Then, continue towards the higher reaches of the Sierra and the San Lorenzo Ridge— you'll lodge here amidst mountain scenery, with views all the way to the Caribbean Sea.

A view over the lush coffee-growing country of Colombia.
Map of Coffee & Culture: Explore Colombia's Zona Cafetera - 6 Days
Coffee & Culture: Explore Colombia's Zona Cafetera - 6 Days

This six-day itinerary takes you deep into the lush, mountainous landscape of Colombia's Zona Cafetera or "coffee triangle." Start with a trip to an organic coffee "finca" (farm) where you'll follow the bean-to-cup process and sample the high-quality brews. After you're fully caffeinated, set off to discover the rest of the region's highlights—hiking through the towering palms of the Valle de Cocora, birdwatching in the Rio Blanco Nature Reserve, exploring traditional villages, and soaking in the thermal waters of Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Learn all about Colombia's famous coffee and chocolate
Map of Discover Colombia's Coffee Region - 6 Days
Discover Colombia's Coffee Region - 6 Days

Learn all about Colombian coffee and enjoy some of the most exclusive coffee in the world on this six-day tour. You can look forward to many coffee tastings and visits to local Colombian coffee farms where you will interact with local farmers and coffee experts from around the country.

Cityscape of Medellín at dusk
Map of Discover Bogotá & Medellín - 6 Days
Discover Bogotá & Medellín - 6 Days

For travelers who love urban energy and metropolitan culture, this six-day jaunt is for you. It highlights two of Latin America’s most exciting cities—Bogotá and Medellín. You'll kick things off in the capital, Bogotá, where you can explore cobbled colonial streets, visit Pre-Columbian museums, and enjoy a thriving nightlife scene. Then, fly to Medellín, a revitalized metropolis best viewed from above—by scenic gondola car. Due to its mid-range altitude, the city enjoys a perpetual spring-like climate, so count on some delicious weather. Then there's all those hip bars and restaurants in the trendy El Poblado district that are begging to be enjoyed. Yes, six days is enough to live it all.

Colorful Streets of Getsemaniaera in Cartagena
Discover Cartagena and the Rosario Islands - 6 Days

Explore the colorful city of Cartagena in this family-friendly trip, starting with a guided walking tour through the city's colonial past and its 17th-century fortress, plus a cooking class with a local family. Enjoy a day trip to the white-sand beaches and protected coral reefs of the Rosario Islands, with activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming. End your trip in the town of La Boquilla, where you'll learn traditional fishing techniques from local fishermen and enjoy a seafood lunch based on your daily catch.

Color, rhythm and culture permeate every moment in the Land of Magical Realism
Luxury Mountain Coffee Experience - 6 Days

In this luxury itinerary, you'll enjoy the best of Colombian culture. Start with a day spent horseback riding in the Cocora Valley and exploring the charming town of Salento for an insider's look at the local artisan's work and way of life. Then, set off on a high-altitude trek through Los Nevados National Park and indulge in world-class cuisine in Medellín. Finally, head to San Cayetano and enjoy a 5-star overnight on a coffee finca—highlights include a private tropical waterfall and infinity pool.

Guatiquia River in Chingaza National Park
Map of Bogotá's Active Adventure: Bike, Hike, and Climb - 6 Days
Bogotá's Active Adventure: Bike, Hike, and Climb - 6 Days

If you're interested in the kind of vacation that revitalizes body and mind while pushing the limits of your endurance, consider this active six-day Colombian itinerary. It's centered in and around the capital of Bogotá and packs enough high-intensity exercise to really get those endorphins pumping. Even better, all these activities occur outdoors, on city streets, and in all that surrounding nature for which Colombia is deservedly famous.

Cathedral San Pedro Claver in Cartagena
Cartagena and the San Bernardo Islands - 6 Days

Discover the vibrant city of Cartagena in this family-friendly trip, starting with a guided walking tour through the city's colonial past, exploring its colorful buildings, monuments, and street art. Experience the region's incredible gastronomic identity by cooking traditional recipes with a local family, using techniques passed down from generations. End your trip at a beach resort in the San Bernardo Islands, with clear waters perfect for lounging, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and more.

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