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Travelers can comfortably see all of Colombia's major cities and regions on an 11-day tour. You can even get off the beaten path to more remote areas of the country for a mixture of city exploring and nature. One option is an arrival in Bogotá with visits to the wildlife-filled Amazon region and the laidback Caribbean Coast. Travelers who want to cover the interior of the country can hike in the Coffee Region and Los Nevados. Or stick to the cities: the charming colonial city of Cartagena offers especially unique culture, art, and cuisine.

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Flowers growing in the window of a typical colonial house in Cartagena
Map of Cartagena, Flower Festival, and the Colombian Amazon - 11 Days
Cartagena, Flower Festival, and the Colombian Amazon - 11 Days

Colombia's heritage extends from the shores of the Caribbean to the rainforests of the Amazon. This unique 11-day itinerary hinges on an event which takes place in Medellín every August: the Batalla de Flores, or "Festival of the Flowers," is one of the biggest spectacles in the entire country. So set aside some time at the end of summer and prepare for an excursion that you won't soon forget.

Isla Grande off the coast of Cartagena
Map of Colombia's Caribbean Coast & Islands - 11 Days
Colombia's Caribbean Coast & Islands - 11 Days

An enticing draw of visiting Colombia's northern coast is close proximity to culture, mountains, beaches, and islands for the ultimate tropical adventure. On this 10-day itinerary, you'll start off in Santa Marta with two days of hiking around Tayrona Park. Make an overnight stop in Minca to visit a coffee finca before continuing on to Cartagena where you'll explore the city's quaint narrow streets with historic palaces, churches, and mansions painted in pastel colors. Then speedboat to the Rosario Islands for swimming and snorkeling before finishing the trip with one more night in Cartagena's romantic Old Town.

Plaza of Villa de Leyva
Map of Colonial Colombia - 11 Days
Colonial Colombia - 11 Days

If you want to experience the heart and soul of colonial Colombia, you can't do better than this 11-day itinerary. Leaving no cobblestone unturned, you'll venture from the epicenter of Spanish colonialism in the Andes—the capital city of Bogotá—to the expansive central plaza of Villa de Leyva, a gem of the Andean highlands. Then it's off to Barichara, a throwback pueblo so charming that it was named a National Monument of Colombia. Last but not least you'll visit the granddaddy of them all, Cartagena de Indias to walk its ancient ramparts.

Birds of Minca
Map of Caribbean Birding Tour in Colombia: Cartagena, Minca, & Tayrona National Park - 11 Days
Caribbean Birding Tour in Colombia: Cartagena, Minca, & Tayrona National Park - 11 Days

On this multifaceted, 11-day tour, you’ll explore the Caribbean region of Colombia and its biodiverse landscapes. The trip begins in Cartagena, a vibrant port city with a rich history and plenty of sites to see. Then, you’re off to Santa Marta and Minca for four, full days of birding among the various ecosystems. The trip concludes in Tayrona Park, with its beautiful beaches and cultural excursions among the natives.

Map of Ancient and Modern Cultures in Colombia - 11 Days
Ancient and Modern Cultures in Colombia - 11 Days

This all-encompassing itinerary combines Colombia's popular attractions with some roads less traveled. You'll begin your journey on the Caribbean coast. This leg will take you to Tayrona National Park, and the colonial fortress of Cartagena. Then fly to Medellín, and visit El Peñon de Guatape before heading to Colombia's mountainous Coffee Region. Here you'll hike, mountain bike, and birdwatch through sub-Andean forests. Next, it's off to the archeological site of Tierradentro, with its ancient underground burial chambers before ending your stay in the colonial town of Popayán.

Iconic skinny wax palms in Colombia's coffee region
Map of Colombia's Cities & Coffee Region - 11 Days
Colombia's Cities & Coffee Region - 11 Days

Travelers who like to be on the move can check off three cities on this whirlwind 11-day tour starting with Bogotá's Spanish colonial sites and buzzing nightlife. You'll then fly to the heart of Colombia's Zona Cafetera for an overnight at a coffee farm and hiking through the famous Cocora Valley. From here, head to Medellín—a city with a rising culinary and art scene, as well as constant spring-like weather. End the trip on the Caribbean coast where you'll take a day trip to the Rosario Islands and explore the narrow streets of Cartagena's inner-walled city.

Street Market in Cartagena
Explore Colombia's Cities & Nature - 11 Days

This tour combines Colombia's vibrant cities of  Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartagena with trips to colorful villages like Guatapé, a hike to La Pierda Rock, and a beach day on Barú Island. Visit unique sites such as the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá, the views atop Monserrate Hill, and the port city of Santa Marta, which is known as the first Spanish settlement in the country. Relax at a 5-star wellness hotel for a day at the spa, and spend an afternoon exploring Cartagena's food scene inspired by the literary works of Gabriel García Márquez.

Paramillo del Quindío, PNN Los Nevados, Colombia
Colombia's Urban Cities & Zona Cafetera Trek - 11 Days

This itinerary starts and ends in two of Colombia's most exciting cities, the capital of Bogotá and the "city of the eternal spring," Medellín. In between, you'll embark on a high-altitude trek into Los Nevados National Park. In Bogotá, you'll get to know the food scene of the city before heading to the Coffee Region. You'll visit a working coffee farm and set off on a four-day trek through the central Andes. After your trek, you'll relax in the thermal pools outside of Manizales, with the still-active Nevado del Ruiz volcano as a backdrop. Then it's off to Medellín, where you'll get to know this dynamic city as you ride its Metrocable network of gondolas.

Check out restaurants, cafés, and markets in Colombia's three biggest cities
Map of Ultimate Colombia Foodie Tour  - 11 Days
Ultimate Colombia Foodie Tour - 11 Days

Food and drink lovers will adore this culinary tour across Colombia's three biggest cities, starting in the exciting capital, Bogotá. You'll sample exotic fruits and meet chefs in one of the best neighborhoods for dining. Then head to Medellín and Cartegena to enjoy a range of food-themed excursions and tastings with local guides. It's not all about food; there will be time for bike rides and mild hikes—and even a two-day island adventure for some rest and relaxation on the Caribbean Sea.

Colorful Cartagena
Map of Colombia's Vibrant Cities: Bogotá, Medellín & Cartagena - 11 Days
Colombia's Vibrant Cities: Bogotá, Medellín & Cartagena - 11 Days

Spend eleven glorious days traveling through the fascinating cities of Colombia. Start in Bogotá by exploring the major historic sites in the city. Visit lagoons, waterfalls, and salt mines before making your way to Medellín, where you'll discover cobblestone lanes and a distinctive coffee culture. Then head north to the coast, where you'll go salsa dancing, rum tasting, and island-hopping in Cartagena.

Map of Caribbean Culture & Colombian History - 11 Days
Caribbean Culture & Colombian History - 11 Days

Discover the oldest and most culturally dynamic region of Colombia on an 11-day tour of its Caribbean Coast. Far more than just beaches, on this adventure you'll stroll the cobbled streets of Cartagena, tour colonial fortresses, and immerse yourself in Indigenous culture. As if that wasn't enough, you'll brave the jungle on an expedition to the Lost City and travel to the coastal deserts on Colombia's arid Guajira Peninsula.

The Tatacoa Desert
Map of Colombia's Cities & Archaeological Wonders - 11 Days
Colombia's Cities & Archaeological Wonders - 11 Days

This exciting tour combines Colombia's two largest cities, a desert known for astronomy, and a region laden with archaeology. Kick-off in Bogotá where you'll explore the capital's pre-Columbian artifacts at the Gold Museum. Continue to the Tatacoa Desert to stargaze and take in the arid landscapes before traveling south to see archaeological sites via horseback and Jeep. Finish in Medellín, where you'll learn about the city's street art and climb a rock dating back 70 million years.

See colonial architecture in and around the city of Medellín
Map of Highlights of Colombia - 11 Days
Highlights of Colombia - 11 Days

Perfect for newbies, this Colombia highlights tour combines sophisticated cities and exotic landscapes. Start with a walking tour through Bogotá's key monuments and museums, and then spend two nights in the Amazon rainforest while looking for pink dolphins and monkeys. Next is Medellín—a transformed city with an impressive arts scene—followed by quality time along the Caribbean coast. Speedboat to a tropical island for a relaxing beach day to end the adventure.

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