Food and drink lovers will adore this culinary tour across Colombia's three biggest cities, starting in the exciting capital, Bogotá. You'll sample exotic fruits and meet chefs in one of the best neighborhoods for dining. Then head to Medellín and Cartegena to enjoy a range of food-themed excursions and tastings with local guides. It's not all about food; there will be time for bike rides and mild hikes—and even a two-day island adventure for some rest and relaxation on the Caribbean Sea.


  • Take a walking tour in Bogotà's hip Chapinero area and meet inventive chefs
  • Sample street food in Medellín followed by an avant-garde set-course dinner 
  • Bike through the colonial streets of Cartegena, followed by a rum tasting
  • Shop for local ingredients at an outdoor market and join a cooking class 

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bogotá, Explore Bogotá
Day 2 Bogotá Fruit Market & Museum Tours, Dinner at Andrés DC Bogotá
Day 3 Tour of Monserrate, Foodie Tour in Bogotà's Chapinero Neighborhood Bogotá
Day 4 Transfer to Medellín, Street Food & Market Tour, Dinner at Elcielo Medellín
Day 5 Peñol Boulder & Guatapé Boat Trip Medellín
Day 6 Transfer to Cartagena, City Bike Tour & Rum Tasting Cartagena
Day 7 Cartagena Cooking Class, San Alberto Coffee Tasting Cartagena
Day 8 Transfer to Isla Baru, Nighttime Bioluminescence Tour Isla Baru
Day 9 Explore Barú with a Local Guide, Beach Time Isla Baru
Day 10 Return to Cartagena, Street Food Tour, Caribbean Dinner Cruise Cartagena
Day 11 Depart Cartagena  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Bogotá, Explore

Plaza de Bolívar is a great place to start when exploring Bogotá

Welcome to Bogotá! Upon arrival, a private driver will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. Take some time to rest after your journey, or head outside and enjoy free time to explore Bogotá at your own pace. Colombia's biggest city offers plenty of cultural activities, and its regional gastronomy has made it a global foodie destination.

Start by walking around the vibrant center, particularly the cobblestone streets of the La Candelaria neighborhood, brimming with trendy restaurants, colorful architecture, and colonial-era landmarks. This is where you'll also find excellent museums and street food ranging from empanadas to exotic fruit salads.

Day 2: Bogotá Fruit Market & Museum Tours, Dinner at Andrés DC

Fresh Colombian fruit at the Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao
Fresh Colombian fruit at the Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao

Your first full day in Colombia begins with an introduction to the country's wide variety of fruits in all colors, sizes, and flavors, which you can keep track of with your fruit dictionary (provided at the beginning of the tour). Your private guide will walk you through the Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao sharing the market's history and introducing local vendors as you taste fifteen different fruits, three shots of fresh juices, and two typical Colombian snacks. 

After your fruit tour, you'll explore two of Bogotá's best museums. First, your private guide will lead you on foot to the Gold Museum, which has an impressive collection of pre-Columbian goldsmiths from Colombia's native communities. The tour finishes at the Museo de Botero, which houses a collection of over 200 works donated to the city by the renowned Colombian sculptor and painter Fernando Botero.

Tonight you'll have a special dinner at Andrés DC, an offshoot of Andrés Carne de Res located in Bogotá. This is not only a restaurant but also an icon of pop culture and leisure in the city. In addition to enjoying a wide variety of typical dishes and delicious barbecues, you'll dine in a festive, circus-like atmosphere.

Day 3: Tour Monserrate, Foodie Tour in Bogotà's Chapinero Neighborhood

Walk along the hillside of Montserrate
Capture views from the hillside of Montserrate

This morning you'll join a private guide for a visit to the impressive Monserrate, located on a hill that rises above the city at 10,341 feet (3,152 m) above sea level. Crowning the top is a catholic shrine called Monserrate Sanctuary, completed in 1657. Most visitors ascend Monserrate by cable car, but it is possible to reach the top by driving or hiking (just over an hour on foot). The views of Bogotá are a highlight, and you can explore different vantage points of this beautiful sanctuary as you learn about the area's pilgrims, as well as its gardens, fountains, and cloud forests.

Later in the evening, it's time to join a fun food tour that explores new Colombian cuisine inspired by each region's different climates, soils, and fruits. The walking tour takes place in Bogotà's bohemian and creative Chapinero neighborhood. Here, imaginative chefs and bartenders reinvent traditional recipes with surprise ingredients of Colombia's geography, like artisanal cheeses from nearby farms, ants, peppers, Amazonian fruits, sustainable seafood, coffees from micro-lots, and artisanal liquors, to name a few.

You'll visit three restaurants run by emerging chefs who focus on small producers and local ingredients. Dine on a three-course menu, including appetizers, a main course, and dessert, plus three beverages, including local beer and Colombian coffee. You'll also meet kitchen staff and restaurant owners and can keep a foodie journal to relive your experience at home.

Day 4: Fly to Medellín, Street Food & Market Tour, Dinner at Elcielo

Locals serving up homemade arepas at El Mercado Campesino
Locals serving up homemade arepas at El Mercado Campesino

It's time to depart Bogotá and fly to Medellín! You'll be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the airport at the appointed time. Upon arrival, a private driver will transfer you to your hotel. You'll then meet a local guide and begin a half-day street food and market tour to experience—and taste—authentic Colombian flavors as you visit different stores, markets, street food vendors, and restaurants.

Save some room because tonight, you'll have a special meal at the Elcielo Restaurant, known for its avant-garde techniques mixed with traditional methods of Colombian cuisine. This is a set course menu divided into gastronomic moments that help the diner experience specific emotions.

Day 5: Peñól Boulder & Guatapé Boat Trip

Enjoy spectacular views from the top of Peñol Boulder

Rise and shine! This morning a local guide will take you on a scenic full-day adventure. First, you'll drive through the Eastern Highlands of Antioquia to get to Peñól Boulder, about 90 minutes outside Medellín. This is a 650-foot (200 m) monolith that can be reached by climbing 740 steps. Those able can climb to the top and see views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Then head about 30 minutes from Peñol Boulder, where you can explore the village of Guatapé, with its church and brightly painted buildings. You'll have lunch along the waterfront of Guatapé reservoir, followed by a boat ride before returning to the city.

Day 6: Transfer to Cartagena, City Bike Tour, Rum Tasting

Explore the colorful streets of Cartegena on two wheels

Today you'll leave Medellín and fly to Cartagena. At the airport, you'll be picked up and transferred to your hotel. Once settled, you'll set off from Cartegena's historical center on a private cycling tour. Your first stop is the neighborhood of Getsemaní to see the home of Florentino Ariza. Ariza is the main character in the novel "Love in the time of Cholera" by the Colombian Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez.

Then, cycle across the Roman Bridge toward the Manga neighborhood, where you can see Villa Roman. This Moorish-inspired house was built in 1929 and took cues from Spain's Alhambra palace. You'll also visit Manga's Cemetery, the oldest in Cartagena, and continue to the seafront to finish your tour.

Next, it's time to enjoy a fun and educational rum-tasting experience led by one of the most important mixologists in Colombia. The best rums in the world are classified as Colombian artisan rums, and you'll be able to taste different notes of coffee, caramel, vanilla, and much more. You'll also learn about the origin and the process of making each rum presented to you. You can also try a rum tasting accompanied by the best chocolates as an added service.

Day 7: Cartagena Cooking Class, San Alberto Coffee Tasting

Bazurto Market
Pick up ingredients at Bazurto Market for a cooking demonstration

Cartageneros are proud of their Caribbean cuisine. Today, you'll learn about some of the most popular dishes, including coconut rice, ceviche, and fish soup, during a group cooking class. First, you'll meet your local guide, who will take you through Bazurto Market to buy ingredients for lunch. Then walk to a colonial house in the Getsemaní neighborhood to learn how to make the aforementioned classic dishes. After a two-hour cooking demonstration, enjoy lunch with the group.

Plan your trip to Colombia
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.
Next is a one-hour coffee tasting at the family-owned company called San Alberto. This single-estate coffee is carefully produced under the trademarked process Quintuple Selection Process—a series of challenging and labor-intensive selections that yield a unique product with an unparalleled flavor and amazing aroma. You'll learn more about Colombian coffee and its production, as well as the various smells of the coffee beans and the distinct taste of the San Alberto selection.

Day 8: Ferry to Isla Baru, Nighttime Bioluminescence Tour

Spend some quality time at a white-sand beach—like Playa Blanca—once you get to Barú

You'll depart Cartegena for Isla Barú at the appointed time today via ferry, which takes about 90 minutes. Upon arrival, check into your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day relaxing on the soft white sand beaches of this Caribbean paradise, like Playa Blanca, with swaying palm trees and turquoise water.

Tonight, long after the sun has dipped into the horizon, consider a self-guided walking tour of the beaches near Cholón. This is where you can observe the bioluminescent plankton from the shallow waters upon white sand, a short distance from the mangroves.

Day 9: Explore Barú with a Local Guide, Beach Time

Bike ride around the island, Baru
Take a guided bike tour around Isla Barú

Today you'll have a full day to relax on Isla Barú. In the morning, take an opportunity to learn more about the small town of Barú and its surroundings with a local nature guide who will show you around either on foot or on a bicycle, depending on your preference.

After your morning tour, simply while away the afternoon at a beach by swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. To add to the tropical environment, sip delicious drinks made with fresh fruit juices and sample the local seafood.

Day 10: Return to Cartagena, Street Food Tour, Caribbean Dinner Cruise

Take an evening dinner cruise from Cartagena's seafront

Bring your appetite and an adventurous attitude because today, you'll hit the streets to experience food like real Cartageneros. During this guided excursion, try everything from savory street food to sweet desserts as you visit markets, street vendors, and restaurants. 

Look for fried snacks, like papas rellenas (fried stuffed potatoes), empanadas (filled pastry), or caribañolas (a torpedo-shaped meat and cheese pie). Order refreshing coconut water or raspao (an icy beverage made with fruit and sweetened condensed milk). Finish with tropical fruits, such as granadilla, guayabana (soursop), or papaya. As well as being delicious, street food is one of the best ways to gain insight into the daily lives of locals. 

When the sun goes down, walk to the pier in Cartagena's historic center. Here, you'll board a yacht for an evening dinner cruise around the bay. Enjoy a three-course meal with wine as you chat with guests amid beautiful views while the lights of Cartagena dance on the waters of the Caribbean.  

Day 11: Depart Cartagena

Until next time, Cartagena!

It's time to say goodbye to Colombia! If your schedule allows, take one final walk around Cartagena's colorful streets, sip coffee at a café, or do a bit of last-minute souvenir shopping. Then, your driver will transfer you to the airport at the appropriate time, where you'll catch your flight home. Safe travels!

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Map of Ultimate Colombia Foodie Tour  - 11 Days
Map of Ultimate Colombia Foodie Tour - 11 Days