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Discover Romania's Nature and Culture
Map of Nature and Culture in Romania - 15 Days
Nature and Culture in Romania - 15 Days

There is so much to see in Romania, and this two-week trip offers a glimpse into a country and culture where the people's connection to nature runs deep. Explore charming medieval towns, visit the castle that inspired the location of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," and take a steam train ride through the countryside. You'll discover authentic villages straight out of a fairy tale, jaw-dropping landscapes, and carefully preserved traditions.

Catch a sunset over famous Bran's Castle outside of Brașov
Map of Self-Drive Tour of Transylvania - 9 Days
Self-Drive Tour of Transylvania - 9 Days

This complete self-drive tour covers the highlights of Romania's Transylvania region and features attractions made famous by Bram Stoker's, Dracula. You will visit historic fortresses and medieval castles, linked to Vlad III Dracul, "the Impaler," himself, as well as explore medieval Saxon towns and cities. Discover the myth and legend of Count Dracula on this nine-day itinerary.

Crossing villages in the Carpathian Mountains
Map of Village to Village Walk in the Carpathian Mountains: 8 Days - self guided
Village to Village Walk in the Carpathian Mountains: 8 Days - self guided

Avid walkers celebrate: this village-to-village walking tour was designed just for you. Hike through national parks, great forests, and the exceptional landscapes of the Bucegi Mountains. Visit traditional villages. And take in the dark, eerie history of Bran Castle - also known as Dracula's Castle.

The Villages of Romania's Bucovina and Maramures - 9 Days
Map of The Villages of Romania's Bucovina and Maramures - 9 Days
The Villages of Romania's Bucovina and Maramures - 9 Days

Step back in time and immerse yourself in bygone rural traditions on this 9-day tour of the Bucovina and Maramures villages. These two regions of Romania have carefully preserved their proud heritage, which you'll experience through plenty of cultural activities. You'll discover brightly painted monasteries, intricate woodwork, and fascinating multi-ethnic customs as you explore this pretty part of the world.

Transfagarasan Pass in the Carpathian Mountains
Map of Carpathian Mountains & Transylvanian Citadels - 8 Days
Carpathian Mountains & Transylvanian Citadels - 8 Days

Explore high mountains and medieval citadels on this 8-day itinerary. Discover Transylvania's rocky past and tour the Saxon citadels, a UNESCO heritage site. Visit eclectic Sibiu, Europe's 2007 Capital of Culture, stay overnight in pastoral mountain villages, and don't forget your camera for a visit to Romania's legendary Dracula's Castle.

Medieval cityscape
Map of Discover Medieval Romania - 6 Days
Discover Medieval Romania - 6 Days

Discover medieval architecture and modern culture in Romanian as you travel by train around the country on this 6-day itinerary. Tour fortified churches and citadels, discover Saxon and Hungarian heritage, and see preserved 12th-century buildings in Transylvania and Walachia.

Map of  Discovering Transylvania & Maramures - 11 Days
Discovering Transylvania & Maramures - 11 Days

Head into the heart of Romania with this 11-day itinerary that will take you through the Transylvanian countryside and cityscapes. You'll go far into this forested region to experience traditions and architecture dating back centuries, visiting at castles, natural attractions, and even some vampire lore along the way.

Bran Castle, home of Dracula
Map of Treasures of Romania - 8 Days
Treasures of Romania - 8 Days

Spend 8 days exploring history, nature, and culture on this tour of Transylvania and Bucovina. Start in Bucharest to the Parliament Palace and the Old City center. Continue to the countryside, visiting medieval castles, small villages, and seeing the beautiful landscapes along the way. End the trip with a real treat—a visit to Bran Castle, legendary home of the mythical Dracula.

Danube Gorges
Map of Cycling Along the Danube - 8 Days
Cycling Along the Danube - 8 Days

Hop on your bike and ride along the beautiful Danube River from Serbia to Romania on this week-long adventure. Enjoy the spectacular scenery as you cycle through remote villages in the foothills of the rugged Carpathian Mountains. You'll explore Belgrade and Bucharest, get a taste of rural life in Romania's Banat region, and venture into the caves of the stunning Danube Gorges.

Transylvanian countryside
Highlights of Romania - 15 Days

See the best of Romania on this leisurely 15-day tour around the country's cultural highlights and natural wonders. Starting and ending in Bucharest, the itinerary takes you to a range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Romanian wineries, fairytale castles, historic citadels, medieval villages and the legendary landscapes of Transylvania. With guided tours and hikes along the way, plus time to explore both urban landscapes and the countryside on your own, this well-balanced adventure is a wonderful introduction to Romania's treasures.

Historic Streets of Sighișoara
Highlights of Transylvania - 7 Days

Discover Romania's Transylvanian region by exploring the medieval cities of Brașov, Sighișoara, and Sibiu, enjoying their cobbled streets, colorful facades, and old walled fortresses. Hike through the dense forests of Poiana Brașov and visit the open-air ASTRA museum in Sibiu, home to Europe's largest ethnographic exhibit. Enjoy typical Saxon villages and cuisine in the countryside, and learn all about Bucharest's turbulent communist past.

Sucevita Monastery in Romania
UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Romania & Bulgaria - 15 Days

Romania and Bulgaria are home to a range of historic sites that have been honored as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This 15-day itinerary takes you to see many of them, starting in Romania with the uninhabited citadel of Sighisoara and the fortified churches of Transylvania, then moving on to the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina and the diverse wildlife habitats of the Danube Delta. Cross the border to Bulgaria for the last few days of the trip to see Nessebar (“the pearl of the Black Sea"), and various historic churches, a Roman amphitheater, and a clifftop citadel.

Sighisoara, the largest inhabited medieval city within Europe
Map of Medieval History & Regional Cuisine in Romania - 5 Days
Medieval History & Regional Cuisine in Romania - 5 Days

This unique 5-day tour highlights three of the best things about Romania: castles, medieval cities, and food.  Dine on traditional Romanian, Hungarian, and German cuisine in small village inns. Discover walled cities, ancient castles, and remote nature and forests. A highlight of the trip is a visit to Bran Castle—legendary home of the mythical Dracula.

Transylvanian Landscape in Romania
Cycling the Saxon Villages of Transylvania - 7 Days

This tour takes you on a cycling adventure through historic Saxon villages with fortified churches set under the shadow of the stunning Carpathian Mountains, starting in the bustling capital of Bucharest and the medieval town of Brașov. Cycle from village-to-village, sleeping in family-owned guesthouses where you can relax with some of the best, locally-sourced, homemade food in Transylvania. Stretch your legs a bit more with hikes into the mountains, horseback rides to alpine meadows, or wildlife tours in search of brown bears.

Dracula's Castle, Romania
Family Adventure in Romania - 14 Days

Featuring a mix of traditional sightseeing and outdoor adventures, this two-week trip around Romania is ideal for families. On this colorful itinerary, you'll explore Dracula's Castle and learn about the legends of Transylvania, discover medieval villages, see the 14th-century Rasnov Fortress and tour the capital city of Bucharest. Kid-friendly activities along the journey include a stop at a dinosaur-themed park, a volcano hike, and a visit to an underground salt mine.

Bran Castle
Map of Dracula's Bran Castle - Day Trip
Dracula's Bran Castle - Day Trip

Lovers of folklore and fairy tales shouldn't miss this day trip to Bran Castle in Transylvania, known for its links to the legend of Dracula. You'll enjoy a guided tour of the mysterious castle, as well as stops at the dramatic Peleș Castle and a champagne tasting at a nearby cellar on this cultural excursion.

Sunset on the Danube Delta
Map of Danube Delta Escape - 3 Days
Danube Delta Escape - 3 Days

Spend three relaxing days in Sfântu Gheorghe on the Danube River Delta, where the views are stunning and the biodiversity is rich. Start in Bucharest, then head to the Black Sea. Go bird watching, try your hand at catching one of the more than 200 species of fish, and enjoy peace and quiet on the beach.

Shepherd in the Macin Mountains
Map of Hiking in Romania's Macin Mountains - 4 Days
Hiking in Romania's Macin Mountains - 4 Days

Explore Romania's Macin Mountains on foot and by bike on this 4-day adventure. Thanks to its microclimates and vicinity to the Danube, over 50% of Romania's flora and fauna can be found in this region. Hike on mountain trails and look out for birds from the observation towers on the peaks. Bike through thick forest and go horseback riding in Macin Mountain National Park.

Ivy creeps up a statue in Bucharest's Belu Cemetery
Haunted Romania: Bucharest & Transylvania - 8 Days

Delve deep into Romanian folklore on this 8-day tour of the country's most haunted and historic sites. Beginning and ending in Bucharest, you'll strike out into the mountainous countryside of Transylvania for an unforgettable journey through the highlights of Brasov, Sighisoara, Cluj, and Sibiu—discovering medieval citadels, ghostly castles, ancient forests, and ruined abbeys along the way.

Discover Transylvania’s Heritage by Bike - 9 Days
Map of Discover Transylvania’s Heritage by Bike - 9 Days
Discover Transylvania’s Heritage by Bike - 9 Days

Wind your way by bike through the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania's hills - the mysterious, beautiful land made famous by Bram Stoker's Dracula. Perfect for those looking for an experience that seamlessly integrates culture, nature, and history, this tour will take you to citadels, fortified churches, bear sanctuaries, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Take a thrilling trip across Romania on motorcycle.
Carpathian Mountains Motorcycle Tour - 7 Days

Modern Romania embraces modern innovation while holding firm to tradition. See this charming dichotomy up close on a one-of-a-kind trip that will take you through the heart of the Carpathians and provide you with unmatched views. You'll be able to take your motorcycle along the famous Transalpina and Transfagarasan highways on your way to see storied sites like Bran Castle.

A colorfully illuminated street in Sighisoara
Discover Romania & Poland - 14 days

This sweeping two-week tour through Romania and Poland — with a bonus stop in Slovakia! — offers travelers an incredible overview of a corner of the world that's lesser-known to tourists. Start in Bucharest, then move onto the mountains to tour Dracula's Castle and visit several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take a break in beautiful Cluj-Napoca, the largest city in Transylvania, before crossing the border to Slovakia, where you'll break your journey in the town of Košice, known for its grand palaces. Continue onward to Poland to tour magical Kracow. Side-trip to Auschwitz and then to the UNESCO-honored Wielicza Salt Mine before the trip comes to an end.

Romania's Rupea Citadel
Romania Hiking Adventure: Bucharest & Transylvania - 10 Days

Explore Romania's mountain landscapes and medieval citadels on this active 10-day journey through Transylvania. Beginning and ending in Bucharest, you'll head north into a land rich with forests and folklore, hopping between the towns of Sinaia, Brasov, Viscri, and Bran. Mornings are spent hiking across dramatic valleys and peaks, while afternoons are free to tour cultural landmarks like Rupea Citadel, Viscri Fortified Church, and "Dracula's Castle."

Medieval Town of Brașov, Romania
Ultimate Transylvania Tour - 15 Days

This ultimate trip takes you through Romania's Transylvania region and beyond, visiting medieval cities like Brașov, Sighișoara, Sibiu, and Alba Iulia. You'll explore fortified churches, traditional Saxon villages with Szekler populations, and Europe's largest ethnographic exhibit at the ASTRA open-air museum in Sibiu. Enjoy the beauty of the region with hikes in forests, gorges, and lakes, as well as a road trip over the Translpina roadway, the highest road in Romania that takes you out of Transylvania and into the country's southern region of Oltenia.

Castle in Transylvania, Romania
Cycling Through Transylvania's Saxon Villages - 7 Days

This Transylvanian cycling adventure starts in bustling Bucharest and takes you through several historical Saxon villages, as well as the medieval city of Brașov. As you pedal, enjoy views of rolling hills nestled under the Carpathian Mountains, stop at fortified churches, visit organic farms, and mingle with locals in unique heritage towns. You'll stay in charming guesthouses, family-run farms, and a refurbished castle, all while eating like a local with fresh, homemade food sourced from the region.

Romania's Corvinilor Castle
Discover the Best of Transylvania - 10 days

Transylvania is most frequently associated with the legend of Dracula. On this 10-day tour around the wooded region, you'll learn plenty about Bram Stoker's masterpiece as you visit Dracula's Castle and other key landmarks. But you'll also see what else Transylvania has to offer, from wineries and medieval cities to hiking trails and some of the most beautiful castles in all of Romania. Delve into the mysteries and charms of this fascinating place on this itinerary that also includes sightseeing in Bucharest at the start and end of the trip.