Explore Romania's Macin Mountains on foot and by bike on this 4-day adventure. Thanks to its microclimates and vicinity to the Danube, over 50% of Romania's flora and fauna can be found in this region. Hike on mountain trails and look out for birds from the observation towers on the peaks. Bike through thick forest and go horseback riding in Macin Mountain National Park.


  • Enjoy hiking in the beautiful Macin Mountains, Pricopanului and Tutuianu Peaks
  • Go biking on the Hill Road Route and explore thick forests and see local wildlife
  • Taste local wines at the Royal Court Vineyard and go horse-back riding at sunset

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Macin - Hiking day 1 - Pricopanului Peak Macin - private house
Day 2 Macin - Hiking day 2 - Tutuiatu Route Macin - private house
Day 3 Macin - Cycling day 3 - The Hill Road Route Macin - private house
Day 4 Macin - Day 4 - Macin wine tour & riding at the sunset Macin - private house

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Macin - Hiking day 1 - Pricopanului Peak

Pricopanului Peak
Pricopanului Peak

The hike to Pricopanului Peak is 9.3 miles (15 km) in length and follows the route from Regia Tutunului to Caramalau Peak and Macin. The ridgeline hike offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and the highest peaks of the Macinului Mountains. Plan to spend some time at the bird-watching observation point on top of the peak for a chance to see the magnificent brown-eyed eagle. 

Day 2: Macin - Hiking day 2 - Tutuiatu Route

Tutuiatu Peak
Tutuiatu Peak

The Tutuiatu Route is 12.4 miles in length (20 km) and leads from Greci to Tuituiato Peak, ending in Luncavita via the Fagilor Valley. The hike takes approximately 6-7 hours and reaches the highest peak in the Macin Mountains, with unparalleled views of the rocky peaks, surrounding plains, and views to the cities of Braila, Galati, and the Danube River. Tutuianu peak is also popular with bird watchers.  

Day 3: Macin - Cycling day 3 - The Hill Road Route

Cycling on the hill road route
Cycling on the hill road route

Transfer from two legs to two wheels today on a cycling tour of the Hill Road Route, which leads from Greci to Piatra Rosie Valley and ends in Nifon. The route is 8.7 miles (14 km) in length and takes about 6 hours to cross. You will cross rocky parts of the Macin Mountains, as well as richly forested areas where wildlife is abundant.

Birds of prey and wild boar are common in this region, so this route is recommended for groups of 3 people or more. It's a particular favorite during the summer when the cool forest shade offers relief from the heat. 

Day 4: Macin - Day 4 - Macin wine tour & riding at the sunset

Local Macin wines
Local Macin wines

The town of Măcin is renowned for its wines, and you will have the opportunity to visit the Royal Court Vineyard to see the entire winemaking process and taste the local wines. The host at this vineyard is a favorite with visitors who love hearing the stories behind each one of the wines. 

In the afternoon continue to the Cerna Village near the entrance to the Macin Mountains National Park. This riding center offers horse riding lessons and meandering horse-back tours through the nearby mountains. The riding route takes between 5-6 hours and is a rewarding way to see the landscapes. For visitors who choose not to ride, the paddock area is a great place to spend time with the friendly and inquisitive horses.