March in Romania sits between winter and spring, and visitors may encounter both seasons, depending on where you visit. It's a good time for snow sports and cultural sightseeing. Read on to learn more about traveling to Romania in March.


March marks the start of spring in Romania but in reality, the conditions remain wintery in much of the country. The temperatures do increase steadily throughout the month though, and there are big differences between the country's three distinct climatic zones (the milder area west of the Carpathian Mountains, the colder eastern regions, and the Mediterranean-esque Black Sea coast). Overall, the average temperature range in Romania in March is between 32° and 52°F (0° and 11°C), with low rainfall. Temperatures in the mountains may be much colder and the ski season lingers into March.

Crowds & Costs

March is still the low season for travel to Romania. Romania is always quite an affordable destination but prices are lower in the off-season and you won't encounter any crowds, except perhaps at the most popular ski resorts.

Where to Go

March is a good time to tour some of Romania's cultural attractions in the towns and cities. The Bucovina region in north-eastern Romania is a must for travelers interested in culture, art, history, and architecture. The incredible painted monasteries and churches of this region are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and could occupy curious travelers for days. The city of Suceava is particularly rich in attractions. 

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What to Do

For a good-value European skiing vacation, head to the Carpathian Mountains, which cover much of central and northern Romania. Poiana Brasov, near Brasov, is one of the most popular and luxurious ski resorts in Romania, and has been voted one of the most affordable ski resorts in Europe. It contains a 14-mile (23-km) ski and snowboarding slope. Other ski resorts include Straja, Sinaia, and Predeal.

Events in March

Martisor, March 1st. Following ancient traditions thought to date back 8000 years, on this day women are presented with small red and white cords, which they wear pinned to their clothes for the whole of March. Martisor marks the beginning of spring.

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