September is late summer/early fall in Romania, and this means it's shoulder season for travelers. Sunseekers, outdoor lovers, and cultural enthusiasts can enjoy a range of activities, depending on where they go in the country. Read on to learn more about traveling to Romania in September.


September is early fall in Romania, but temperatures generally stay quite warm, especially earlier in the month. The average September temperature range throughout the country is between 51° and 77°F (11° and 25°C), although coastal and southern areas tend to be warmer and mountainous areas cooler. Rainfall is relatively low in September and although you might encounter a shower or two, you shouldn't have to worry about major rain disrupting your plans. The fall colors begin showing in September in parts of the country, and autumn harvest festivals make this an appealing season for traveling to Romania.

Crowds & Costs

Earlier in September is more like peak season for tourism in Romania, and you may struggle to find good deals on flights or accommodation unless you book well in advance. However, by later in the month, most European summer vacationers are back at work and Romania's most popular sites are relatively quiet again. Late September is a good time to enjoy cultural or outdoor activities because the weather is still quite good but castles, monasteries, museums, and trails will be less busy.

Where to Go

Smaller towns in the mountains and plateaus of Transylvania and the northern areas are particularly appealing in September (and throughout fall) because the rhythms and celebrations of traditional rural life can still be experienced. If you like the idea of harvest festivals, folk music, and local seasonal food, head to the city of Sibiu in Transylvania. The 12th-century city and surrounding villages hold a festival that revolves around shepherds and sheep, around September 19th. Sibiu is also a good base for exploring further afield in Transylvania. 

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What to Do

To make the most of the golden fall colors and the still-warm days, hike in the mountains. You can enjoy anything from a day hike to a longer multi-day supported trek, spending the nights in small villages. While the Carpathians are the biggest and best-known mountains in Romania, covering much of central and northern Romania, there are smaller pockets of mountainous terrain elsewhere. A best-of-both-worlds September vacation in Romania could include some hiking in the eastern Macin Mountains, followed by birdwatching in the nearby Danube Delta and some beach time on the Black Sea coast.

Events in September

Medieval Bistrita Celebration. This two-day festival in early September celebrates the medieval heritage of the northern Transylvanian town. Enjoy a medieval fair with dancing, music, shows, and more.

Plai Festival, Timişoara. Jazz and world music enthusiasts shouldn't miss this world-class festival in the western city of Timişoara, held in the second week of September.

George Enescu Festival, Bucharest. Romania's most prestigious festival showcases classical music in the Romanian Athenaeum concert hall in the capital. It's held over three weeks, every second year (odd-numbered years).

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Hiking in Romania's Macin Mountains - 4 Days. Explore Romania's Macin Mountains on foot and by bike. Thanks to its microclimates and vicinity to the Danube, over 50% of Romania's flora and fauna can be found here.

Carpathian Mountains Motorcycle Tour - 7 Days. Ride along the famous Transalpina and Transfagarasan highways on your way to see storied sites like Bran Castle.

Danube Delta Escape - 3 Days. Spend three relaxing days in Sfântu Gheorghe on the Danube River Delta, where the views are stunning and the biodiversity is rich. 

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