August is midsummer in Romania and a busy time to visit. The weather is hot and many people flock to the Black Sea coast, but you can also cool off with alternative outdoor adventures in the mountains. Read on to find out more about traveling to Romania in August.


Along with July, August is the hottest month of the year in Romania. Average August temperatures across the country range from 59° to 84°F (15° and 29°C), but they can get even hotter, particularly in the south and southeast. While you might encounter a rain shower or two, August is generally quite a dry month so you can confidently plan outdoor activities, whether that's lounging on a beach or hiking and biking in the mountains.

Crowds & Costs

August is the peak season for travel in Romania. While Romanian schools take their summer vacation from June, many other European countries take them in July and August. Accommodation along the Romanian Riviera, on the Black Sea coast, can book out far in advance in peak season. Costs are relatively higher too, although Romania is generally a more budget-friendly destination than some other European countries. Also expect to see many day-trippers from Bucharest, Brasov, and further afield at the infamous Bran Castle, made famous by Bram Stoker in the classic novel Dracula.

Where to Go

To escape the heat and the worst of the summer crowds, head into the mountains and plateaus of Transylvania, which covers much of central Romania. Travelers interested in history and culture will especially enjoy traveling to Transylvania at this time of year because of the number and variety of festivals held in August (see more below). These celebrate the region's long, colorful history and unique culture, and are a good addition to an itinerary of sightseeing and outdoor activities.

If you'd rather hit the beaches than the mountains, Vama Veche is a good option. The southeastern town near the Bulgarian border has a lovely beach and also hosts the Vama Under Oscar Lights arts festival in August (see more below).

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What to Do

Road tripping is a great way to experience the Romanian countryside, and August is an ideal month to do so because some of the most interesting roads are accessible. The spectacular Transfagarasan Mountain Highway runs over the Southern Carpathian Mountains, linking Wallachia and Transylvania. The 56-mile (90-km) route is only accessible in the summer and does require confidence behind the wheel, but it's a spectacular trip that you won't forget in a hurry. It's paved but you should expect steep drop-offs and hairpin bends.

Events in August

Medias Medieval Citadel Festival. Held in the Transylvanian city of Media, this festival in the second week of August attempts to revive medieval Romanian crafts and puts on workshops and reenactments.

Transylvanian Citadels Medieval Festival, Sibiu. This festival in late August is a celebration of the city's medieval history, with concerts, theater, battle reenactments, and more.

Transilvania International Guitar Festival, Cluj-Napoca. Held in late August and early September, this music festival with international and Romanian attendees includes lectures, workshops, and competitions. 

Vama Under Oscar Lights, Vama Veche. This arts festival in the beach town of Vama Veche is held in the last week of August and includes film, photography, painting, music, and theater. Much of it takes place on the beach.

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