April is spring in Romania and the shoulder season between the quiet, cold winter and the hot, busy summer. With Orthodox Easter usually falling in April and bird migrations to the Danube Delta, there are wonderful cultural and natural attractions to enjoy in Romania in April. Read on to learn more about traveling to Romania in April.


April is spring in Romania and the temperatures significantly warm up after a cold, frozen winter. Average April temperatures in Romania range from 42° to 64°F (6° to 18°C), and while mountainous areas may still be cold, wildflowers bloom in meadows in the countryside. April is also a relatively dry month, with much less rainfall than later in the spring and early summer.

Crowds & Costs

April is shoulder season for tourism in Romania, so you may encounter some crowds and higher prices in particularly popular areas, but not everywhere. Easter is a big occasion in Romania and usually falls in April for Romanian Orthodox Christians. Romanians take a three-day weekend around Easter and most businesses are closed, so take this into account if you're visiting then. 

Where to Go

The period following Easter is a great time to explore some of Romania's cultural attractions, as most places will be open and you are able to avoid the crowds that arrive later in spring and summer. 

The Bucovina region in northeastern Romania is a must for travelers interested in culture, art, history, and architecture. The incredible painted monasteries and churches of this region are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and could occupy curious travelers for days. The city of Suceava is particularly rich in attractions. Another place with fantastic religious architecture is Maramures, in the north. It contains magnificent wooden churches, houses, and carved gates. The towns and cities of Transylvania are ever-popular and very pretty: base yourself in Cluj-Napoca or Sibiu to explore the large region.

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What to Do

Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts won't want to miss visiting the Danube Delta in eastern Romania in April. Birdwatching and photography can be enjoyed here throughout the spring and summer, but April is the optimum month as mosquitoes are less of a problem. These wetlands are among the best preserved in Europe. Around 350 bird species live in the Danube Delta or migrate here, particularly in the spring.  

Events in April

Easter. Orthodox Easter falls between April 4th and May 8th. About a week before Easter Sunday, Romanian churches are decorated with flowers. At home, people decorate eggs and prepare special Easter food.

National Easter Egg Festival. This two-day festival before Easter is held in the village of Ciocanesti, in the Bucovina region. It combines a showcase of local traditions with international competition. 

Bucharest International Film Festival, mid-April. Showing both Romanian and international films, this festival is one of the most important of its kind in the Balkans.

Roman Festival Apulum, Alba Iulia. In the last weekend of April, historical reenactments display the former grandeur of this ancient Roman city. Mock battles, gladiator fights, workshops, and games are just some of the fun activities.

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