Ajdovščina is just 23 miles (37 km) from Lokev. The fastest and most convenient way to make the trip is by rental car or private transfer, which takes just 30 minutes. This gives you plenty of extra time to explore the area, including the Primorska Wine Region and the Karst Plateau. If you’d like to go beyond southwest Slovenia, you might be interested in this 7-day itinerary.

Because Lokev is such a rural town, going by public transportation—bus and train—is not recommended. Travel times can reach up to 8 hours due to wait times, multiple connections, and infrequent, seasonal schedules. If you don't prefer to rent a car, your best bet is to book a private transfer or take a taxi.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 30 minutes

The best way to reach Lokev from Ajdovščina is by car—rental or private transfer. The two towns are very close in distance, making the 30-minute drive quick and easy. The route is fairly straightforward, mostly following two major roadways. 

After leaving Ajdovščina, you’ll follow the H4 expressway south through the Vipava Valley, a lesser-known section of Slovenia’s Primorska Wine Region. There are many scenic wineries along the way if you’d like to stop and explore. You’ll find most of them to the west of H4. Just remember that Slovenian drinking-and-driving laws are stricter than in other countries.

At the town of Razdrto, you’ll merge onto highway E61 until the junction with highway A1. From here, you’ll simply merge onto a rural road, 205, until you reach Lokev. You’ll pass by two different caves on road 205, but the Skocjan Caves are some of the best in Slovenia and worth the slight detour. 


Map of How to Get from Ajdovščina to Lokev
Map of How to Get from Ajdovščina to Lokev