Villa de Leyva is one of the most popular weekend trips to make from Bogotá, as only 103 miles (166 km) separates the two destinations, and there are three direct transit options to choose from.

Getting to this charming colonial town takes only three hours by car, and this is by far the best option as there are plenty of private drivers for hire in Bogotá. You can also take a bus, which adds an additional hour to the journey, and it takes you directly into the heart of Villa de Leyva. 

If you're curious about adding a visit to Barichara, often hailed as the most beautiful pueblo (small town) in Colombia, consider this 7-day itinerary

By Private Transfer

Duration: 3 hours, more with stops

If you'd prefer to take in the beauty of the Colombian highlands without steering around the mountain roads yourself, then it's easy to find a private driver in Bogotá.

Along Route 55, there are plenty of scenic places you may want to stop, including the quiet park known as the Parque Puente Sopó.

Villa de Leyva is in the region of Boyacá, which is known for its food, and the mountainous highway is dotted with roadside restaurants that specialize in sweet corn cakes known as arepas de choclo.

You may also wish to take a detour 14 miles (23 km) past Villa de Leyva to Ráquira, a colorful colonial town known for its unique crafts. If you're more interested in experiencing the cultural highlights of Colombia's interior—think art museums, music venues, and theaters—consider this 14-day itinerary

When you arrive at Villa de Leyva, your driver will leave you in the town's postcard-perfect main square.

By Bus

Duration: 4 hours

To get to Villa de Leyva by bus, head to Bogotá's Terminal del Norte TransMilenio station. Make sure you ask the bus employees to point you in the direction of the correct bus as the Villa de Leyva buses usually board on a road to the north of the station, but try to memorize a few key questions in Spanish as not all employees speak English. 

You don't have to buy a ticket ahead of time as you'll pay your fare after boarding, so be sure to have cash on hand. The bus will take you directly to the main terminal at Villa de Leyva, which is a block away from the main town square.


Map of How to Get from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva
Map of How to Get from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva