Cerkno is only 12 miles (20 km) from the hilly, riverside town of Idrija. By car—rental or private transfer—the journey between the two is quick and straightforward. You can easily reach Idrija in about 20 minutes. Private transfers are frequent between the two towns and easy to arrange. If you prefer your own vehicle but don’t already have one, you can book a rental car in the nearby town of Most na Soči. The regional bus is another alternative.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 20 minutes

The drive between Cerkno and Idrija—which can be completed in just about 20 minutes—is quick and easy. After leaving Cerkno via road 210, you’ll connect to road 102 near Straža. This scenic drive twists along the Idrijca River and passes by many picturesque farms and hillsides. If you’re nervous about navigating country roads, there are plenty of pull outs along the way to let drivers pass.

Before you settle into Idrija, a short hike at Kobalove Planine will offer views of the town and the river below.

If you prefer your own vehicle to make journey–but haven’t rented it yet—you can book a rental car in the nearby city of Most na Soči, which is 30 minutes by taxi or transfer. Otherwise, there are plenty of private transfers between Cerkno and Idrija.

By Bus

Duration: 30 minutes

The regional bus is a budget-friendly option that offers several daily departures between the two towns. The ride to Idrija takes about 30 minutes. There can be multiple hours between departure times, so plan ahead and grab a timetable at the tourist office in Cerkno.


Map of How to Get from Cerkno to Idrija
Map of How to Get from Cerkno to Idrija