Those looking to get from Fes to the coastal city of Casablanca have several options for making the 182-mile (294 km) trip between cities. The most convenient option is to take a direct, hour-long flight. Going overland by private transfer takes at least three hours, but you may want to make a day-long road trip out of it in order to make the most of Meknes and Rabat. There is also a direct train that leaves hourly from Fes.

By Plane

Duration: 55 minutes  

Those looking to save time may wish to consider flying directly from the Fes (FEZ) to Casablanca (CMN). Flights are direct and will get you to Casablanca in under an hour. 

By Private Transfer 

Duration: 3 hours, 10 minutes 

Travelers who opt for a private transfer to complete the journey from Fes to Casablanca will have the option of stopping at several notable cities along the way. 

First up is Meknes, one of Morocco's four imperial cities the former home of the royal family. Three sets of ornate and imposing buildings, the magnificent Bab el Mansour gates, and the sultan's tomb in the heart of the old city are all impressive vestiges of Morocco's storied past. If you would like to shop for local goods and souvenirs and have traditional Moroccan food, stop at the Place el Hedim

Further along the journey is Rabat, Morocco's capital city. In Rabat, you can opt to view the Mausoleum of Mohammad V and the famous Hassan Tower—the minaret of a half-finished mosque—or you can head slightly outside of the city to the medieval fortress of Chellah, which also includes statues and graves that date as far back as the Roman Empire. 

By Train

Duration: 4 hours

Those who prefer to travel by rail can take an ONCF train directly from Fes to Casablanca. Direct trains leave hourly. 


Map of How to Get from Fes to Casablanca
Map of How to Get from Fes to Casablanca