The relaxed Slovenian capital of Ljubljana is set in the center of the country—a common saying claims that “all roads lead into (and out of) Ljubljana.” This makes the city just a few hours from nearly all the country’s main attractions, including Triglav National Park, Soča River Valley, Primorska Wine Region, and the alpine valley of Kamnik. It's also close to the country's eastern hub, Maribor.

It also means that the city is well-connected to many neighboring countries and their capital cities. It’s easy to combine Ljubljana with trips to Zagreb, Croatia; Vienna, Austria; and Venice, Italy. With major highways, bus lines, and train routes, traveling around this region is fairly straightforward.

From Maribor

Duration: 1.5 - 3 hours

Although Maribor is Slovenia’s eastern hub and second-largest city, you can reach Ljubljana by highways, regional buses, and train routes. If you choose to go by car, you’ll follow highway E57 west for the entire route, arriving in Ljubljana in just 1.5 hours. 

You can also opt for public transportation. Regional buses offer numerous departures each day and take just under two hours to reach Ljubljana. Trains are a bit longer (2-3 hours), most routes requiring a connection in either Celje or Zidani Most.

From Zagreb, Croatia

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

In just two hours, the fastest way to travel between Zagreb and Ljubljana is by car, either rental or private transfer. This is thanks to two major highways that connect the cities. You’ll first take highway E70 to the border and then transition to A2 north towards Ljubljana. 

Buses and trains are also available. The private bus company Flixbus offers numerous direct routes from Zagreb to Ljubljana each day, taking just 2.5 hours. Likewise, about daily five trains leave Zagreb and arrive in Ljubljana 2-2.5 hours later.

From Vienna, Austria

Duration: 1 - 6 hours

Vienna is also a great city to combine with a visit to Slovenia. The fastest way to make the journey is to fly to Ljubljana. You can choose from a handful of daily departures, both in the morning and the evening. Adria Airways (a Slovenian airline) and Austrian Airlines offer 1-hour direct flights between Vienna and Ljubljana. 

Driving is another option. Car rentals and private transfers are both available and can be booked in Vienna’s city center. The drive follows E59 towards Graz and all the way to the border. Once you cross into Slovenia, you’ll switch to highway E57 to Ljubljana via Maribor.

You can also get to Ljubljana by bus or train. Flixbus offers a route between the two capital cities in just five hours and trains make the journey in six hours.

From Venice, Italy

Duration: 2.5 - 5.5 hours

Venice and Ljubljana are connected by two international highways (E70 and E61), so it only takes about 2.5 hours to drive between the two. Renting a car or taking a private transfer is the fastest and most convenient option. But if you prefer public transportation, both buses and trains are also available. Keep in mind that they have longer journey times.

Trains can be booked in two separate segments: Venice to Trieste (two hours) and Trieste to Ljubljana (2.5 hours). Flixbus offers a direct daily route that takes about 3.5-4 hours to reach Ljubljana.