The Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece is a great place for history, culture, and nature lovers. It is home to the famous cities of Sparta and Olympia, the ruins of historic Mycenae and the olive groves of Kalamata, among many other attractions.

The easiest way to access the Peloponnese is by flying into Athens and driving to your destination. While the Peloponnesian cities of Kalamata and Patras do have airports, these serve only a few destinations, mainly in Europe. 

To access the Peloponnese from most Greek islands (other than the Ionian islands), you will have to travel through Athens. There is also the option of reaching the Peloponnese by ferry from Italy. 

You can experience the history of the Peloponnese with this 15-day itinerary, or enjoy its natural wonders with this seven-day trip

From Athens

Duration: 2-5 hours

The best way to get from Athens to the Peloponnese is by self-driving a rental car, or by private transfer. You could also take a bus to one of the region’s major cities.

The drive into the Peloponnese takes you along the Saronic Gulf, and through the Isthmus of Corinth. The ruins of ancient Corinth are a worthwhile stop along the way. 

From the Greek Islands

Duration: 3 hours to 1 day

If you are traveling to the Peloponnese from the Cyclades or Dodecanese islands and do not have your own private water transport, you will have take a ferry to Piraeus port, near Athens (or fly to Athens airport). From there, you can drive or take a bus into the Peloponnese. This route can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day or more, depending on which island you are coming from.

If you are coming from the Ionian islands, you may have the option of reaching the Peloponnese directly by ferry. For example, ferries run from Kefalonia directly to Patras and other ports in the Peloponnese. This trip only takes about three hours.  

From Italy

Duration: 1 day

It’s possible to access the Peloponnese on a ferry directly from Italy. While this route is long, it is scenic and will allow you to enjoy great views as you travel through the Adriatic Sea.

Ferries leave from various ports along Italy’s Adriatic coast, including Ancona, Bari, and Brindisi. Most ferries arrive in the port of Patras.


Map of How to Get to the Peloponnese Peninsula
Map of How to Get to the Peloponnese Peninsula