Nicknamed the “King of the Fjords,” Sognefjord is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. Traveling to this fjord is relatively easy with several transport options available. Sogndal is a gateway town to reach all the activities in this wonderful area.

Reaching this region from Flåm, Bergen, and Oslo is convenient. Air travel from Bergen and Oslo is the quickest method, though taking the train or driving will afford you incredible views that are worth the travel time. 

From Flåm

Duration: 2.5 hours by car, 2 hours by train

There are two principal routes you can take by car. The quickest and shortest route is 47 miles (76 km) via the E16 and RV5 highway with travel time around an hour and a half. Less than an hour into your trip, you’ll reach the Mannheller-Fodnesa ferry crossing. Ferries operate about three times every hour and the crossings take fifteen minutes going through Sognefjord. While onboard, it's a good opportunity to use the restroom, buy a snack at the cafeteria and snap some cool photos. You can buy your ferry ticket when you board.

Boarding the Flåm Railway is one of the most spectacular ways to see the Sognefjord and the surrounding region with impressive views while onboard. There are various departures throughout the day and you can book in advance or buy tickets at the station. 

From Bergen

Duration: 30 minutes by air, 4 hours by car, 5 hours by express boat, 5 hours by train

Air travel is the quickest option to reach the town of Sogndal with daily departures offered by different airlines. Flight time is approximately thirty minutes and you'll want to opt for a window seat on a clear day for great views. 

Bergen to Sognefjord is a distance is 123 miles (198 km) and the drive is a little under 4 hours. Shortly after departing Bergen, you’ll begin on the E16 and pass by the North Sea. This route has impressive scenery with plenty of stretches alongside lakes and farmland. Less than 2 hours of driving, you’ll reach the tourist town of Voss, worth a stop for a bite to eat and to stretch your legs or go for a hike, if you have extra time.

As you near your destination, you’ll board a ferry in Hella to reach Vangsnes. This ferry takes 30 minutes and services are offered at least once every hour. Plan your journey around the ferry schedule if you want to ensure you make it on the ferry that is most convenient with your drive. Ferries cross through the Sognefjord so have your cameras ready for some great shots.  

Taking an express boat is a fabulous option if you want to travel through fjords and have vistas from the water. The fjord cruise takes 5 hours where you’ll go direct from Bergen to Flåm with several stops in small towns. 

Taking the train is convenient via the Bergen-Oslo Railway where you can disembark in Myrdal and transfer to the world-famous Flam Railway to reach the fjord. Flam to the town of Sogndal takes a little less than 2 hours. Trains depart a few times a day with service year-round. 

From Oslo

Duration: 45 minutes by flight, 5.5 hours by car, 6 hours by bus

Flying is the fastest way to reach your destination with daily flights between Oslo and the city of Sogndal. Travel time is around 45-minutes and on a sunny day, you’ll want a window seat for vistas of the Sognefjord from above. Upon arrival, you can take a local bus to the town of Sogndal.

Driving is convenient and allows you to go at your pace. Travel time is approximately 5.5 hours and covers a distance of 209 miles (336 km). The drive is mostly inland with views of lakes and later on, the Sognefjord. Near the end of the trip, you’ll reach the Mannheller-Fodnes ferry crossing. Ferries take around thirty minutes and there’s at least one crossing every hour, sometimes more depending on the time of day and season. 

Going by bus is a comfortable way to reach Sogndal, an entry point town to this region with direct buses available year-round. Travel time is approximately 6 hours and you can buy your tickets online or at the train station.