There are various driving routes you can take to get from Kjerag to Pulpit Rock. The shortest route is only 40 miles (65 km), but drive time is around 2 hours and 15 minutes and includes ferry crossings.

All journeys require boarding a ferry to reach Pulpit Rock, which goes through the spectacular Lysefjord. It’s important to consult the ferry schedule to ensure your plans go smoothly.

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By Car/Ferry

Duration: 2.5 hours

The quickest route by car covers only 40 miles (65 km) and takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes. The trip takes time because, for most of your journey, you’ll be on a ferry traveling through a fjord. You’ll start your journey merging onto the FV500 and within a quarter of an hour, drive onto the Lysebotn-Forsand ferry. Ferry crossings happen twice daily so it’s imperative you book your ferry tickets in advance. Once aboard, you can roam around the ferry, buy food, use restrooms, and relax and enjoy the views. 

The route goes through the Lysefjord and on the south side, you’ll have the opportunity to see Kjerag plateau from below. The ferry takes approximately 2 hours and you’ll be rewarded with continuous natural beauty. Continuing on, you’ll have a chance to see Pulpit Rock from below, starring up 604 meters. Have your camera charged and accessible as this will be one of the highlights of your journey. 

When you drive off the ferry, you’ll merge onto FV491, cross a bridge, and continue on to RV13 before reaching the parking lot of Pulpit Rock. 

An alternative drive, takes about 10 minutes longer and is 53 miles (85km). You’ll start off on the FV500 and shortly after, you’ll board a ferry Lysebotn - Songesand. This ferry ride is around an hour and 15 minutes. After crossing, you’ll merge onto the  FV 661 where you’ll pass by Sandvatnet lake and the road becomes curvy before you reach Tysdalsvatnet lake. This beautiful lake will be on the north side. Soon after, you’ll change roads to the RV13, where you'll drive through the Svo tunnel. This route is great if you prefer more time driving by lakes and farmland, than spending time on a ferry. 

By Bus

Duration: 3-4 hours

Using public transportation requires a bit of creativity. There isn’t a direct bus between Kjerag or the nearest town of Lysebotn to reach Pulpit rock. You can buy a ferry ticket to Forsand and catch a local bus to Pulpit rock. Bus services are limited in the colder months so make sure to check timetables and availability.