Self-driving the 168 miles (270 km) from Lofoten to Andenes, a village on the island of Andøy, a popular destination for whale watching in Norway and part of the archipelago of Vesterålen is the most popular option for travelers.

The island of Andøy is untouched nature, with the scenic tourist route from Bjornskinn to Andenes offering abundant views and opportunities to visit small beaches. Hiking Matinden will present one of the best viewpoints on the island and well worth the trek. Take an epic excursion to snorkel with the whales. Summer months bring sperm whales while in the winter months you may be able to see humpback and even orcas.

This 7-day summer road trip itinerary for the west coast highlights ideas for Andenes.

By Car

Duration: 5-7 hours

After getting your fill of the gorgeous Lofoten Islands, where you can hike, explore small fishing villages, and embark on kayak trips, you'll be ready to head north to the less touristy Vesterålen archipelago. Although driving directly from Lofoten to Andenes would take approximately four to five hours, depending on where on the Lofoten Islands you depart from, it's wise to allow for extra time to make stops along the way. You'll take E10 north and then veer onto Rv85 in Gullesfjord, where you can camp overlooking the fjord. From Rv85, you'll take Fv82 for the remainder of the journey.

Making your way through the Lofoten islands presents numerous opportunities to stop along the way at pristine beaches and epic trails. If you have the time, stay in a traditional fishing cabin in one of the many seaside villages like Reine and Hamnøy. Hike Ryten mountain for spectacular views over Kvalvika beach and visit the Lofotr Viking Museum in Bøstad.

You can take a detour via bridge over to Andøy's adjacent island, Langøya, where you can experience serene beaches and hike the remote, untouched landscape like the Hallartinden route. A notable stop on Rv85 is the reindeer farm and Sami culture experience near Maurnes (summer months only).

By Bus

Duration: 8-9 hours

Public bus is available to travel along E10 north towards Andenes and varies in length depending on what stop you depart from on the Lofoten Islands. Traveling from Reine, on the southern end of the islands would take approximately eight and a half hours.

Ask your local specialist for details.