Self-driving the 336 miles (540 km) from the Lofoten Islands (starting in the village of Reine) to Tromsø, the largest city in the northern region of Norway, is the most popular option for travelers looking for flexibility to explore along the way.

A road trip will allow you to adventure throughout various points of interest in the Lofoten Islands while making your way to Tromsø. It's a cultural city and a great base for heading to other areas like Alta. Adventures like dogsledding, snowshoeing, and reindeer encounters await for the winter season, and in the summer, kayaking, and hiking under the midnight sun are unique activities to embrace the extra daylight.

This 6-day Lofoten Islands & Tromsø Winter Excursion itinerary is a great resource for planning your road trip.

By Car

Duration: 8-10 hours

Driving directly will take approximately eight hours, depending where in the islands you depart from, however, it's wise to allow for extra time to stop and explore along the way. There is one main road, E10, that you'll take to traverse the Lofoten Islands until you get to the village of Bjerkvik, to veer onto E6 north towards Tromsø. Once you reach Nordkjosbotn, you'll take E8 for another hour until arriving in Tromsø.

Making your way through the Lofoten islands presents numerous opportunities to stop along the way at pristine beaches and epic trails. If you have the time, stay in a traditional fishing cabin in one of the many seaside villages like Reine and Hamnøy. Hike Ryten mountain for spectacular views over Kvalvika beach and visit the Lofotr Viking Museum in Bøstad. Once in Tromsø, you'll be above the arctic circle in a city known for its fresh culinary dishes and cultural heritage. Hiking, kayaking, and fishing are all popular activities. 

By Ferry and Flight

Duration: 6-7 hours

The ferry ride from Moskenes to Bodø takes three and a half to four hours, depending on the weather conditions, and from there, travelers can take a short fifty-minute flight to Tromsø. There is a city bus that runs from the center to the airport (line 1 or 4) and takes about ten to fifteen minutes as well.

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