Lake Bohinj—set within scenic Triglav National Park—is 74 miles (119 km) from Logarska dolina. Because Logarska dolina is quite rural, the best way to travel between the two is by car, either rental or private transfer. The two-hour drive follows scenic country roads around the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and eventually connects to E61 highway. Plan a stop in picturesque Velika Planina ("Big Meadow") and Lake Bled—two areas with some of the best walking trails in Slovenia, as included in this 8-day itinerary

You can also make the journey with public transportation, but it is much less convenient than driving. Leaving Logarska dolina requires a seasonal, alpine bus route that is restricted to Saturday departures and only operates in the summer months. This route takes two hours. From here, you’ll connect in the city of Celje where you can transfer to either a train or bus.

If opting to continue by bus, you’ll transfer in Ljubljana before connecting all the way to Bohinj. This route will take an additional 3-4 hours. Otherwise, the train will take you to Bohinjska Bistrica—Bohinj’s travel hub. This option requires at least two connections and takes an additional four hours.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 2 hours

As the fastest and most convenient option, the best way to reach Bohinj from Logarska dolina is by rental car or private transfer. If you prefer a transfer service, it’s best to book one ahead of time, especially if you’re traveling outside the summer tourist season.

The fastest route leaves Logarska dolina via country road 428, which follows the Savinja River until the town of Luče. From here, you’ll take roads 924/414 around the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Many opt to visit Velika Planina—a large alpine meadow with 360° views and traditional architecture—along the way. There are several day hikes in this area, as well as excellent spots for a picnic lunch.

Road 414 will continue past the city of Kamnik and eventually to highway E61, which heads north towards Lake Bled. You’ll continue to catch scenic views of the Alps on this stretch of the trip. Škofja Loka and Lake Bled are great stops for a lunch break and to stretch your legs. Once past Bled, road 209 will take you all the way to Lake Bohinj.

By Bus

Duration: 5-6 hours

Unfortunately, there are no direct bus routes through the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. From Logarska dolina, a seasonal alpine route operates on Saturdays during the summer months only and takes about two hours to reach the city of Celje. From here, regular departures make the journey to Ljubljana in 1-2 hours, then to Bohinj in another two hours. 

Keep in mind that this option is lengthy—5-6 hours not including wait times—and the first leg is restricted to summertime only. 

By Bus/Train

Duration: 6 hours

Once you reach Celje via the summer-only alpine bus route, you can also opt for the train. This is, however, the slowest option. From Celje, two trains depart in the afternoon and arrive in Bohinjska Bistrica—the transport hub for Bohinj.

Timing is important to consider. You’ll need to catch the morning bus from Logarska dolina, then an afternoon train to Bohinj. Note that trains are not direct and require at least two connections. These connections occur in Zidani Most and/or Ljubljana, plus Jesenice. In total, combining the bus and train will take six hours—not including wait times.


Map of How to Get from Logarska dolina to Bohinj
Map of How to Get from Logarska dolina to Bohinj