Traveling the 328 miles (529 km) from Oslo to Ålesund is straightforward, and there are a few routes to choose from.

There is a daily direct flight from Oslo that makes this the quickest option for anyone with a time crunch. This route will also give you views of the mountain ranges and fjords that you wouldn’t otherwise get from ground level. You can also hire a private transfer or rent a car to explore the Norwegian countryside on your own time. 

This 12-day Summer Road Trip: Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim itinerary is perfect for exploring the biggest cities in Norway. Walk along the Havnepromenaden (harbor promenade)—a new five-and-a-half-mile waterfront park in Oslo, ride the famous Flåm Railway and see the stunning fjords in each region.

By Plane

Duration: 55 minutes

By far the quickest to get to Ålesund is by taking a direct flight from Oslo (OSL) to Ålesund Airport (AES).  When booking your flight, ensure that you book yourself a window seat in order to experience the beauty of Norway from above. You'll get to view the Galdhøpiggen mountains and the Storfjorden as you fly overhead.

By Private Transfer or Car / Ferry

Duration: 7 hours

Driving to Ålesund from Oslo isn't the fastest way to get there, but it is very scenic. You will also find that not only is this drive beautiful, but it’s also quite simple to navigate. If you'd rather, you can hire a private driver in Oslo and focus on relaxing on the drive.

When leaving Oslo, you follow the 4, but keep in mind that there are toll roads on this route. 45 minutes outside of Oslo, Harestuvatnet lake is a great place to make a pit stop and take some beautiful photos of this lake. If you don't want to stop, be sure you can see it on your right-hand side as you drive past. When you get to Biri, you'll follow the roundabout and change to highway E6.

A great halfway point rest stop is the Rondane Nasjonalpark, which is the oldest national park in Norway. Along this drive, you're actually in the heart of most of Norway's national parks as you drive past not only Rondane Nasjonalpark, but also Dovre Nasjonalpark and Reinheimen Nasjonalpark. After a stop at Rondane Nasjonalpark, you will change to the E136 highway.

The drive will switch from mountain views to winding around different bodies of water. On your right-hand side will be the Romsdalsfjorden, Norway's ninth-longest fjords. Just before Ålesund, you'll take a quick ferry over the Storfjorden. From the ferry deck, you can take some beautiful pictures of the coastline and the fjord. 

After the ferry, you'll then drive about an hour till you make it to Ålesund. Along this drive, you'll drive through the small village of Lerstad, home of Lerstadvatnet lake which is another beautiful rest stop.

Keep in mind that this trip does include toll roads, so ensure you know how to pay your tolls by checking with your rental company.


Map of How to Get from Oslo to Ålesund
Map of How to Get from Oslo to Ålesund