The distance between the islands of Syros and Tinos is 18 miles (30 km). The best way to get to Tinos is by direct ferry, which takes 30 minutes from Syros. Alternatively, if you want to island hop, you can get to Tinos by indirect ferry, which stops at Mykonos, where you can connect to the ferry to Tinos. These longer ferry rides take two to seven hours.

Note that ferry schedules are much more limited during the low season (mid-September to mid-June), so be sure to check that the ferry is operating on the dates you need if you're traveling to the Greek islands at that time.

When planning your trip, consider this two-week itinerary, which explores the hidden gems of the lesser-known Cycladic islands such as Syros, Tinos, Naxos and Ios.

By Direct Ferry

Duration: 30 minutes

The quickest and cheapest way to get to Tinos is to take a direct ferry from Syros. Blue Star Ferries is the company that operates this route and their ships offer ample outdoor and indoor space to take in the Aegean. Direct ferries do not run every day, even during the high season, so be sure to check the current schedule to make sure there is a ferry available on your day of travel.

Economy and business class tickets as well as cabins are available on these ferries. A standard "deck-lounge" ticket is based on a first come, first serve seating basis, so be sure to book a numbered seat if you want to guarantee a seat on the trip. Note that you can also bring a vehicle onto these ferries, which will increase the price of your ticket.

By Indirect Ferry

Duration: 2 - 7 hours

If you find that there is no direct ferry available on your travel day or would just prefer a more scenic route to take in the Greek islands, consider booking an indirect ferry to Tinos. These routes typically stop at Mykonos, where you can spend a few hours exploring or grabbing a souvlaki (meat skewer) to go before hopping on your connecting ferry to Tinos. 

Seajets and Golden Star are two companies that offer indirect routes to Tinos. Economy and business class tickets are available for these ferries and you have the option of taking your vehicle on board, which will increase the price of the ticket.


Map of How to Get from Syros to Tinos
Map of How to Get from Syros to Tinos