There are a few ways to arrive to Alta from Tromsø, a distance of 185 miles (298 km). The fastest way to go is by plane with flights daily and different airline carriers to choose from. However, if you have time, road tripping is a great way to enjoy this fascinating northern landscape that passes through fjords, lakes and mountain crossings. 

You may want to consider this Tromso and Alta Winter Adventure 7-day tour, which offers reindeer sledding, Sami culture, and hunting for the Northern Lights. 

By Plane

Duration: 40 minutes

Flying is one of the quickest options if you don’t have an extra 6 hours in your itinerary. Flights are offered daily by the three main carriers with a flight time of 35-40 minutes. Last-minute tickets are usually not cheap so if you know the dates you want to fly, book in advance. If you’re flexible and have time on your side, you might get lucky and find a special deal. 

By Car

Duration: 6 hours

The road trip takes around 6 hours, covering 185 miles if you drive direct without stops. Leaving Tromsø, you’ll start your journey on the FV 91 highway and soon after you’ll board the Svensby-Breivikeidetferry. The ferry runs approximately every 55 minutes during the weekday so expect to wait, if you don’t time your trip with the ferry schedule or there are traffic delays. Twenty minutes after driving off the ferry, you’ll board another one, Olderdalen-Lyngseidet, which operates every 40 minutes or so.

During the crossing, you’ll have views of the Lyngen fjord. While aboard the ferry, you can move around, buy food, charge your phone, camera battery and other electronic devices and most importantly, take advantage of using the restroom while in transit. You’ll also have some great photo opportunities.

Soon after crossing this passage, you’ll merge onto the E6, the national highway that will bring you directly to Alta for the rest of your journey. This section of the E6 is impressively scenic where the road parallels lakes and bays for the majority of the trip. Before arriving to Alta, you’ll pass by the Kafjord, where you’ll definitely want to pitstop to admire this natural wonder. The road is open year-round, however, make sure if you’re traveling in colder months to check if all mountain passages are open, as inclement weather can cause closures.  Like many roads in Norway, this journey has tolls and be prepared to pay for the ferry crossings.

By Bus

Duration: 6-7 hours

Traveling by bus is an option and takes around 6-7 hours depending on time of day, traffic and weather conditions.This is a comfortable and relaxing way to see Northern Norway’s landscape, especially if you don’t have a car or prefer public transportation. Buses operate once a day so make sure to check bus schedule and plan accordingly. 


Map of How to Get from Tromsø to Alta
Map of How to Get from Tromsø to Alta