Poreč is an easy trip from Zagreb—just 155 miles (250 km) away, the coastal city is best reached by car. Driving a rental car or going with a private driver is typically easy and efficient, though traffic and border crossings can lengthen the overall time. To arrive fresh without the stress of driving yourself, book a private transfer.

Travel by bus is will take around four hours. Though it is possible to travel by train to Poreč, the journey is often upwards of 10 hours and calls for transfers in both Slovenia and Italy. 

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By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 3-3.5 hours, more with stops

The trip from Zagreb to Poreč can take as little as three hours, though this depends on the route, traffic conditions, and potential border queues. There are a couple of route options, one that takes travelers through Rijeka and one that crosses into Slovenia. 

The highway route through Rijeka along E65 is the fastest, at three hours without traffic. It's the more direct option of the two and provides nice views of the Adriatic Sea as travelers approach the city. Rijeka is also a great stopping point for lunch or sightseeing as it is roughly halfway between Zagreb and Poreč. 

The route that ventures north through Slovenia by way of E70 is 31 miles (50 km) longer than the Rijeka route, and there are two border crossings through Slovenia to consider. Without slow lines at the borders, this route should take three and a half hours, though time can quickly add up if there is traffic.

Zagreb has plenty of rental car companies to choose from, all of which offer manual and automatic vehicles. Keep in mind, automatic cars are more expensive to rent. Gas is bought by the liter in Croatia, so it tends to be expensive with nearly four liters making up a gallon.

For those who prefer not to rent a car, private transfers can be booked between Zagreb and Poreč. A private transfer is often more comfortable than the bus and allows more control over your schedule. You can book this as part of a broader tour itinerary, and having a local driver is great for getting additional insights at sights and stops along the way such as Ljubljana. 

By Bus

Duration: 4 hours

Buses offer frequent departures, generally every half hour nearly any time of day. The travel time between Zagreb and Poreč is optimistically four hours, though dense traffic during peak tourism season can lengthen travel time. 

If scheduling tours on the same day of travel, arrive with plenty of time, at least two to three hours, before the start of the tour. Companies such as Arriva provide a more comfortable trip with buses outfitted with wifi, charging outlets, and a bathroom. Expect at least one break during the drive and a minimal fee per suitcase. 


Map of How to Get from Zagreb to Poreč
Map of How to Get from Zagreb to Poreč