Discover the highlights of Belize and Guatemala on this weeklong cultural tour. Start with a beach escape to Caye Caulker for white sands and snorkeling trips of the Belize Barrier Reef. You'll explore Maya palaces and pyramids at Tikal National Park and tour the ancient ruins of Xunantunich on horseback. The adventure ends in Chichicastenango near the shores of Lake Atitlán, where you'll visit one of Central America's most famous markets.


  • Soak up the sun on tropical Caye Caulker island
  • Snorkel or dive the Belize Barrier Reef
  • Explore UNESCO-listed Tikal National Park
  • Take a horseback tour of the Xunantunich ruins
  • Browse one of Central America's largest markets in Chichicastenango

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive at Caye Caulker Caye Caulker
Day 2 Blue Hole Diving & Cahal Pech Tour Caye Caulker
Day 3 Belize Barrier Reef Snorkeling Tour Caye Caulker
Day 4 Transfer to Belize City & Xunantunich Ruins Horseriding Tour Tikal National Park
Day 5 Explore Tikal National Park, Transfer to Antigua Antigua
Day 6 Visit Chichicastenango Market & Lake Atitlán Village Tour Antigua
Day 7 Depart Guatemala  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Caye Caulker

Relax on the white sands of Caye Caulker

Welcome to Belize! Your driver will be waiting at the airport to transfer you by car and boat to your hotel on the island of Caye Caulker. Settle in and spend the rest of the day exploring; you can rent a golf cart to traverse the tiny, car-free Caribbean island, which is just 4 miles (6 km) long.

Divided by a narrow channel, the laid-back island draws snorkelers and divers from all over the world for its pristine marine reserve, which is part of the Belize Barrier Reef. Take some time to relax at your hotel, go to the beach, or browse the souvenir shops in Caye Caulker Village.

Day 2: Blue Hole Diving & Cahal Pech Tour

Dive The Blue Hole

Spend today relaxing on Caye Caulker. Sip a cocktail while reclining in a hammock, wander along soft powdery sands, or take a dip in the Caribbean Sea. You can rent a bike to pedal around the island, heading north to walk through mangrove forests filled with exotic birds. Feast on fresh seafood at a local restaurant or take a snorkeling or kayaking trip in the marine reserve.

If you're a keen diver, don't miss a trip to Blue Hole, a giant marine sinkhole located off the Belize coast in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. The journey takes two-and-a-half hours by boat. When you arrive, dive down into the former limestone cave system, which folded and collapsed when sea levels rose during the last ice age. You'll swim through striking coral gardens and deep caves full of stalactites.

For a land-based adventure, you can tour Cahal Pech ("Place of Ticks") in Maya, a name given when the area was used as pasture land. Cahal Pech was settled around 1,000 BCE and served as the royal acropolis palace of an elite Maya family who lived here during the Classic period. Explore the site, which has seven plazas and over 30 structures, including temples, residential buildings, ball courts, and an altar. One of the temples boasts the best view of the surrounding Belize River Valley.

Day 3: Belize Barrier Reef Snorkeling Tour

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Spot colorful fish and coral on the Belize Barrier Reef
Take a snorkeling trip to the Belize Barrier Reef, one of the largest reef systems in the world. The day starts with a one-hour boat trip across the turquoise Caribbean waters to a top snorkeling area. Put on your gear and jump into the sea to discover a biodiverse underwater world filled with colorful coral and creatures. Spot everything from darting reef fish to manta rays, octopus, jellyfish, and even sharks.

Day 4: Transfer to Belize City & Xunantunich Ruins Horseriding Tour

Discover the Xunantunich Maya ruins on horseback
Say goodbye to Caye Caulker this morning and take the boat back to Belize City. The trip continues with a horseback tour to the ancient Maya city, Xunantunich. Meet your guide at the stables and then saddle up for the journey. You'll follow a trail to a private farm, passing along the banks of the Mopane River in San José Succotz. Cross the river by hand-operated ferry and continue to Xunantunich, where you'll explore the temples and plazas on foot. The tour finishes with a Belizean lunch before returning to the stables.

Day 5: Explore Tikal National Park & Fly to Antigua

The Great Jaguar Temple in Tikal
Visit The Great Jaguar Temple in Tikal

Today you'll visit the famous Tikal National Park, known worldwide for its impressive Maya pyramids and sprawling ruins. The UNESCO World Heritage Site hosts the former capital of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya. It features the tallest pre-Columbian structure in the Americas: Temple IV (The Great Jaguar), which stands 270 feet (70 m) tall.

Spend the day with an expert guide exploring this vast complex of temples and pyramids. See all the major sites of interest, including Temples I, II, III, IV, and V, the Lost World, Complex Q, The Great Plaza, and The Window Palace. Afterward, you'll head to the airport for a flight to Guatemala City, where your driver will be waiting to take you west to Antigua Guatemala.

Day 6: Visit Chichicastenango Market & Lake Atitlán Village Tour

Chichicastenango Market
Shop at Chichicastenango Market

Head to the traditional Maya town of Chichicastenango this morning to visit its renowned market. On the way, you'll traverse the Pan-American Highway, which stretches from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. As you get closer to Atitlán, you'll enjoy sweeping views over this expansive shimmering lake. 

Chichicastenango is one of the largest and most famous markets in all of Central America, located in the western highlands of Guatemala. The market is held every Thursday and Sunday and draws locals from surrounding villages who come to sell handicrafts, textiles, regional clothing, and produce. Take a guided walk through this vibrant, historic market.

Continue exploring the area with a visit to Lake Atitlán's Maya villages. Sail across the lake, stopping at various villages where you'll meet the residents and learn about daily lake life. Highlights include touring a women's weaving co-op and a shrine to the rum-drinking, cigar-smoking Maya saint "Maximon," who represents light and dark in Maya culture. 

Day 7: Depart Guatemala

Arch Street in Antigua, Guatemala
Leave Guatemala today

Today your Central America adventure comes to an end. Your driver will pick you up from your hotel, taking you to Guatemala City International Airport for your onward flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Belize & Guatemala Cultural Highlights: Ancient Maya Ruins & Bustling Village Markets – 7 Days
Map of Belize & Guatemala Cultural Highlights: Ancient Maya Ruins & Bustling Village Markets – 7 Days