There's nothing like attending a live soccer match in one of the UK's hallowed stadiums. The atmosphere is electric as the passionate crowds make every game an unforgettable experience. This English Premier League (EPL) soccer vacation puts you right in the action in two of the UK's top sporting cities, and as a kicker, we'll even throw in a stadium tour.


  • See live soccer matches in both Manchester and London
  • Tour the National Football Museum in Manchester
  • Take a road trip to the beautiful English countryside

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in Manchester Manchester
Day 2 Guided Tour of the National Football Museum Manchester
Day 3 Attend a Live Soccer Match Manchester
Day 4 Travel to London City of London
Day 5 Discover London’s Royal Legacy City of London
Day 6 Visit the English Countryside City of London
Day 7 Tour a Soccer Stadium City of London
Day 8 More Live Soccer Action City of London
Day 9 Farewell, England!  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Manchester

The new and improved Manchester, England

The revitalized city of Manchester, located in England's north, was for years known for little more than its gloomy weather and history as a central fixture of the industrial revolution. These days it's a boom-town of historic architecture, cutting-edge restaurants, international concert venues, and annual literature festivals. But even during the city's hardscrabble years, Mancunians always prided themselves on their sporting legacy—indeed, it's what defines Manchester to this day.

The city is home to two world-class soccer teams: Manchester United and Manchester City.  It's for this reason that Manchester is the ideal place to start your EPL soccer vacation. You'll arrive in style, too, as right after you touch down at the airport a private car will meet you and whisk you off to your hotel in the city center.

Day 2: Guided Tour of the National Football Museum

National Football Museum
One of many exhibits in the National Football Museum, Manchester

Today we've arranged a special treat guaranteed to please any soccer fan: a guided tour of the iconic National Football Museum in Manchester. This is no provincial institution, either—it's both England's national museum of the sport of football as well as the biggest football museum in the world.

This fascinating gallery is home to an important collection of football memorabilia, with exhibits recounting the history of the FA Cup, the role of soccer during the WWI, a "walk of fame" dedicated to the superstars of the sport, and even a special display about Ferenc Puskás, the world's greatest goal scorer and who's widely regarded as one of the best footballers of all time.

Day 3: Attend a Live Soccer Match

Soccer match
Get ready for the big match

Be sure to eat a hearty breakfast, because today you're off to the big match. You'll have tickets to either a Manchester United or Manchester City game, depending on the schedule. Regardless of which team is playing that day, you can count on a profoundly exciting experience. 

There's nothing quite like the roar of the crowd as thousands of spectators cheer on their favorite team in their home town. And you'll be right in the thick of it, standing shoulder to shoulder with passionate fans, reveling in the competitive drama, feeling the sting of every missed free kick, and being lifted up by waves of exhilaration after each goal. Of course, we'll arrange the best tickets to ensure you have the best view of your favorite players.

Plan your trip to England
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Day 4: Travel to London

A trip to London

Next, you're off to London, the grand capital of the U.K. As part of our luxury travel service, we will arrange a seat on a high-speed train or private car transfer. Then you can kick back and relax before arriving in this great global metropolis in style. 

Once you do arrive we'll take you to your swank hotel for check-in. Later, if the city beckons, feel free to head out and explore. Also, we'll happily book you a table for a meal at one of the city's top restaurants. One unforgettable experience is a four-course dinner on the Showboat Cruise, an evening boat ride along the iconic River Thames. The meal will be complemented by an extensive wine list as well as music from the ship's resident live band.

Day 5: Discover London’s Royal Legacy

Buckingham Palace

After breakfast, you'll visit some of London's most famous palaces, castles, and cathedrals on a luxury driving tour of the city. This, of course, includes a stop at Buckingham Palace (exterior only) as well as Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, where Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981. We can also tailor the itinerary to suit your specific interests so you can visit the locales that appeal to you. It's the most personalized way to see the royal and religious landmarks that have been an integral part of Britain's heritage from antiquity through to present-day.

Day 6: Visit the English Countryside

A charming street scene in the Cotswolds region of England

It's time to take a break from city life and venture into the tranquil green paradise that is the English countryside. As part of this full-day tour, you'll relax on a scenic drive in a private car through the Cotswolds, which is one of the most beautiful regions of the UK. This is the England you see on postcards, filled with rolling green hills, majestic coastal cliffs, charming country cottages, ancient chapels, and old stone almshouses. 

You'll then head to the county of Oxfordshire for a guided tour of Blenheim Palace, a magnificent country residence with over 300 years of history. It was built in 1704 and gifted by Queen Anne to the great British general, the 1st Duke of Marlborough. It's currently home to the 12th Duke of Marlborough and is also the birthplace of England's most famous prime minister, Winston Churchill (1874-1955). This UNESCO World Heritage Site features 187 rooms in a property sitting on 2,000 expansive acres, and it's the only non-royal palace in England.

Day 7: Tour a Soccer Stadium

Soccer stadium
Enjoy a stadium tour

London boasts the home grounds of several iconic soccer teams, including local fan favorites Arsenal and Chelsea. As part of this custom EPL soccer vacation, we'll arrange a guided visit to Stamford Bridge, the historic home ground of Chelsea FC. Here, you can tour the stands, the press room, the home and away dressing rooms, and the tunnel and dug-out areas, which are normally reserved only for players and officials. 

Prefer to visit a different stadium? No problem, just let us know and we'll adjust the day's itinerary so you can partake in the stadium tour of your choice.

Day 8: More Live Soccer Action

Chelsea celebrates a goal

There's even more soccer in store today because we'll arrange tickets to a live match of the team of your choice. All regional options are on the table, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs, Wes Ham or any of the other historic London teams. Savor the moment, enjoy the cheers of the crowd, and give yourself over to the excitement and pageantry, because this is the final match of your great EPL holiday!

Day 9: Farewell, England!

Goodbye to the UK

It's a bittersweet moment as your EPL soccer vacation comes to an end today. We'll treat you to one final luxury with a private transfer from your hotel to the airport for your flight home. See you soon!