This family-friendly tour of Spain starts in the capital city of Madrid, where you'll make traditional paella, visit the historic Plaza Mayor, and learn the art of flamenco, Spain's most famous dance! Take a day trip to Segovia for breathtaking views via hot-air balloon and spend some time with the master swordsmiths of Toledo. Then, it's off to picturesque Seville for a cruise on the Guadalquivir River, pottery classes in the artsy Triana district, and the gastronomical wonders of Andalusia's tapas restaurants.


  • Tour the colorful plazas and markets of vibrant Madrid
  • Learn the art of making traditional Spanish paella in a family cooking class
  • Take in the breathtaking views of historic Segovia via hot-air balloon
  • Eat delicious churros y chocolate as you explore Seville's tapas restaurants

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Madrid, Private Family City Tour Madrid
Day 2 Paella Cooking Class & Markets, Madrid Royal Palace  Madrid
Day 3 Family-Focused Prado Museum Tour, Flamenco Lesson & Show Madrid
Day 4 Day Trip to Segovia: Hot-Air Balloon Ride & City Tour Madrid
Day 5 Transfer to Toledo, Marzipan Workshop Toledo
Day 6 Fire & Steel Sword-Making Workshop, Transfer to Seville Seville
Day 7 Triana Pottery Class, Guadalquivir Luxury River Cruise Seville
Day 8 Guided Tour of Seville's Cathedral & Alcázar, Explore the Spanish Tapas Scene Seville
Day 9 Depart Seville  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Madrid, Private Family City Tour

See the bustling Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Welcome to Spain! Your flight lands in the capital city of Madrid, a vibrant metropolis known for its art, culture, and history. Your driver will collect you from the airport and transport you to your accommodations, and after your family has a chance to regroup, it's time to get out and explore the city with a guided walking tour! 

Meet up with your expert local guide and walk to the Plaza Mayor, once the central marketplace of Old Madrid and still a major hub for locals and tourists alike. See the statue of King Philip III, check out the souvenir shops, or grab a snack and let the kids enjoy the many street performers you're likely to see here. Your guide will share interesting facts and stories, with games and activities that will entertain kids and adults alike. And depending on the season, you may even be lucky enough to be at the plaza during one of their holiday events and markets!

Visit Lope de Vega Museum, and see where the famous "Golden Age" writer once lived and worked, then continue to Jardines de Lepanto, with its manicured trees, lawns, and walking paths, and El Retiro, one of the largest parks in Madrid. Here, you'll find lakes where the kids can spot turtles and swans and rowboat rentals if you want to cruise around a bit. The park is also home to the Palacio de Cristal (Glass Palace), a 19th-century conservatory used for art exhibitions. End your tour with a delicious snack of churros and chocolate at one of Madrid's famous churrerías, a sweet treat the whole family will love.

Day 2: Paella Cooking Class & Markets, Madrid Royal Palace 

Learn to make traditional paella at a family cooking class

Learn how to one of Spain's most iconic dishes with today's paella cooking class. The day begins with a visit to the popular Antón Martín Market, where you'll shop with a professional chef. They'll assist you and the kids in selecting the freshest local ingredients while explaining how they're used in the dish. Then it's time to head to the kitchen and get to work! Make delicious gazpacho as an appetizer, and the adults can enjoy some refreshing sangria while you cook. Learn about paella's origins and cultural significance as you go, then everyone can sit down and enjoy the meal you created together. 

Afterward, let your little knights and princesses explore the life of royals with a family-friendly tour of the Madrid Royal Palace. Arguably the city's most significant monument, this is the official residence of the Spanish royal family. Enjoy skip-the-line tickets and head straight in with your professional guide, exploring the interior and exterior grounds with exciting stories and activities. The kids can imagine themselves as kings and queens while viewing the crowns, swords, and jewels, saying hello to the palace peacocks in nearby Sabatini Gardens, and watching the changing of the guards.

You and your royal crew will find treasures in the Royal Armoury, the Royal Kitchen, and the Throne Room. Let your creativity run wild as you make your way through magnificent ballrooms and dining halls where kings and queens would throw lavish parties. You can also visit the Painting Gallery, which showcases works by some of Spain's most beloved artists. End your tour with a visit to the Cathedral of Madrid. The construction here didn't start until 1879 and wasn't completed until 1993, and as a result, the interior is relatively modern, bright, and refreshing, with contemporary pops of color.

Day 3: Family-Focused Prado Museum Tour, Flamenco Lesson & Show

Take lessons in flamenco from professional dancers

This morning, take an interactive, family-friendly private tour of the Museo Nacional del Prado (Prado Museum). The experience will help the whole family appreciate the museum's art and history with fun activities, games, tasks, and stories. Designed for kids aged 6 to 12 years old, your guide will share little-known facts and anecdotes about the artists and their visions, and you'll have a chance to see works by artists like Velázquez, Goya, Titian, Rubens, and more.  

As you move through the museum, your kids will be tasked with activities to help them learn about the art and enjoy their museum experience, and your guide will use games and stories to explore individual pieces. Your little ones might be so inspired that they'll use all this newfound knowledge to create their own artistic masterpieces back home!

Later today, learn all about the history of Spanish flamenco with a family dance class. The flamenco dance is considered a quintessential element of Spanish culture, and you'll have an opportunity to enjoy a fun and interactive exploration of this unique mix of dancing, music, and song. Learn the history behind the dance and try some dance moves alongside expert instructors and professional dancers, and after your lesson, participate in a show where you and the kids can show off your newfound skills!  

Day 4: Day Trip to Segovia: Hot-Air Balloon Ride & City Tour

See Segovia's historic sites via hot-air balloon 

Explore the city of Segovia, located about an hour from Madrid and known for its ancient Roman aqueduct, Romanesque churches, and Gothic architecture. Your full-day tour starts early in the morning, soaring across the city via hot-air balloon! Your family will get to watch the crew inflate the balloon, and after a safety briefing, you'll hop onboard and take to the skies. Cruise along at more than 3,000 feet (1,000 m) up, enjoying stunning bird's-eye views of Segovia at sunrise, passing by the aqueduct, cathedral, and Royal Alcazar

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Upon landing, celebrate the excursion with a light breakfast and sparkling cava for the adults. You'll also receive photos and videos taken during the flight and a certificate signed by your pilot. Then, it's time to explore Segovia on foot. The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering plenty of historical sites to keep you and the kids entertained. A must-see stop includes the city's Roman Aqueduct, Spain's most-important example of Roman engineering. It's also one of the world's best-preserved elevated aqueducts, built in the first century.

Visit the Segovia Cathedral and the Royal Alcazar, a picturesque fortress that clings dramatically to a cliff with the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains as its backdrop. Enjoy free time at the palace, taking in the views and letting the kids burn some energy by running around the park. Then, in true Spanish style, sit down for a late lunch before heading back to Madrid. 

Day 5:Transfer to Toledo, Marzipan Workshop

Make delicious marzipan at a Toledo workshop

You're off to historic Toledo today. A private driver will pick you up at your hotel in Madrid for the one-hour drive. Set on a hill above the Castilla-La Mancha region, this ancient city is rich in history. Its old medieval quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with architecture that showcases the Moorish influence, and you'll also find examples of Arab, Jewish, and Christian history throughout the city. Once you've gotten checked in at your hotel, learn more about Toledo's gastronomy and culture with a hands-on marzipan workshop.

The people of Toledo have been crafting natural marzipan since the 12th and 13th centuries, and your family will learn the history behind this sweet almond confection, working alongside local artisans as they share the secrets and specific methods for making the well-known dessert. The kids will enjoy making the marzipan and tasting the fruits of their labor, not even realizing how much they're learning about Spanish culture and history, and you'll all leave with a tasty memento of your time in Toledo. 

Day 6: Fire & Steel Sword-Making Workshop, Transfer to Seville

Explore the art of sword-making with an exciting hands-on workshop

Toledo is known for the art of bladesmithing, and today your family will have the opportunity to learn more about this craft at a sword-making workshop. Observe a master swordsmith at work, and see the traditional techniques and production stages that make the Toledan blade so famous. During the class, you'll also discover the history of Toledan steel and view several examples of blades from different regions and eras on the Iberian Peninsula. See renowned weaponry such as the Iberian falcata knife, The Cid's Tizona sword, and the swept hilts swords.

Once you've learned all about the sword-making process, it's time to create your own dagger. This hands-on part of the workshop allows you to try forging, tempering, and polishing steel yourself, with help from the experts and safety precautions. Choose from a dagger, dirk, or sword, and make it your own using your newfound skills. At the end of the workshop, you'll have a personalized (unsharpened!) dagger as a unique souvenir.

Afterward, you'll join your driver for the scenic, five-hour transfer south to your next destination, Seville. This capital of the Andalusia region sits along the shores of the Guadalquivir River with a charming mix of Moorish, Christian, and Jewish architecture, a storied history, and phenomenal gastronomy. Once you've settled at your hotel, you and your family can explore a bit on your own this evening before resting up for tomorrow's adventures. 

Day 7: Triana Pottery Class, Guadalquivir Luxury River Cruise

Enjoy a luxurious family cruise along Seville's Guadalquivir River

Take a deep dive into local art and culture with a visit to Seville's arts district, Triana, for a ceramics workshop. The Triana neighborhood is known for its talents in flamenco dance, azulejos ceramic tiles, pottery, and textiles, and your family will have a chance to learn more about this historic area and the artists that live and work here. You'll meet a local teacher and after getting familiar with your supplies, you'll enjoy a historical introduction to the district's famed pottery through entertaining stories, facts, and unique anecdotes.

You'll then watch a practical demonstration of Triana's traditional ceramic decoration techniques, and once you've got it down, you'll put your newfound knowledge to work and adorn your own piece of smooth tile. Your teacher will be available to answer questions and help guide you, and you can try different techniques to decorate a basin or ridge tile. Throughout the class, you'll all be learning new skills, and the kids can let their creativity flow, ending up with a perfect memento of Seville for each family member to take home. 

Later today, head out for a relaxing cruise on the Guadalquivir River. The river is one of the longest in all of Spain and the only major navigable river in the country. Your tour takes you past some of the city's most notable sights, which include stunning views of Seville's waterfront and the beautiful bridges designed by renowned architects like Calatrava and followers of the famous Eifel. Watch the city skyline as sunset approaches, enjoying beverages and a snack with the kids before returning to the docks and heading back to your hotel.

Day 8: Guided Tour of Seville's Cathedral & Alcázar, Explore the Spanish Tapas Scene

Try delicious Spanish tapas in Seville 

Meet up with a private guide and see two of Seville's most important monuments: the Seville Cathedral and Royal Alcázar. You'll skip the long lines and enjoy a personalized experience that digs deep into the city's history and cultural heritage. Start by meeting your guide at the cathedral (the world's largest Gothic cathedral and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and climb the bell tower, La Giralda, for incredible city views, then follow your guide through the picturesque Patio de Los Naranjos, the church's courtyard filled with orange trees.

From here, make your way to the Alcázar, originally a royal palace commissioned for King Peter of Castile, where you'll find more than 17 acres (7 ha) of grounds that the kids will love exploring. Walk through gorgeous greenery, fountains, and courtyards, and visit the tapestry-filled Gothic Palace, Baths of Lady María de Padilla, and the fascinating Mercury Pond, home to a school of friendly and curious fish that the kids are sure to find entertaining! Your guide will leave you with time to enjoy the gardens on your own, a great opportunity for the family to relax amid the trees and fountains. 

This evening, head out on a self-guided exploration of one of Seville's most well-known gastronomic treats—tapas! Seville is considered the birthplace of these delectable small plates, and many Spanish restaurants offer their own modern take on them. Start at La Brunilda, a tiny restaurant that prepares beautiful tapas with a modern twist. Then head to Casa Morales, in business since 1850 and a popular local hangout, where you'll find delicious tiny montaditos (sandwiches). Visit Ovejas Negras for contemporary dishes, then with the kids in mind, end at Kukuchurro for delicious churros y chocolate

Day 9: Depart Seville

Farewell to Spain! 

It's time to bid a fond farewell to Spain. After breakfast at your hotel, a driver will pick you up and transfer you to the airport as you begin the journey back home or to your next destination. Safe travels!

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Map of Family Adventures in Spain: Madrid, Toledo & Seville - 9 Days
Map of Family Adventures in Spain: Madrid, Toledo & Seville - 9 Days