While summer is in full swing in more southern parts of Europe, it's winding down in Finland. Temperatures get cooler, and locals go back to school and work. This means it could be a great time to visit Finland. Read on to learn more about traveling to Finland in August.


Along with June and July, August is one of the warmest months in Finland. However, average temperatures in August are cooler than in July, and toward the end of the month, the weather may start to feel a bit autumnal. The average temperature across the country is 59°F (15°C), although it's likely to be warmer in the south and central areas. August is also wetter than June or July, so you might encounter some rain, although the weather will likely still be fine most of the time.

Although the days will be getting a bit shorter, and certainly not as long as they are in late June when the sun doesn't set in much of Finland, they will still be longer than what most travelers are used to at home.

Crowds & Costs

Despite the conditions still being good for a summer vacation in Finland in August, this is actually a shoulder season month. Finns tend to go back to school and work in early to mid-August, vacating their holiday homes in rural areas and heading back to the cities. Some tourist attractions in the countryside close toward the end of the month. If you're looking for a late summer accommodation deal beside a lake or the coast, you may find one in late August. Finland is never a low-budget destination, but if you want a summer trip without sky-high prices, August may be a better option for you than July.

Where to Go

You can still enjoy outdoor activities aplenty in August, so head to the countryside or smaller towns and cities along the coast to hike, bike, or boat. Off the Finnish coastline, which runs along the south and western parts of the country, is one of the largest archipelagos in the world. Explore islands and inlets that are particularly accessible from Helsinki and coastal Turku.  

Finnish Lakeland, in southern-central Finland, is very popular with locals but won't be so busy in August. Thousands of lakes, as well as forests cover a large area. It's an ideal place to book a vacation home by a lake and enjoy relaxed outdoor activities. And saunas, of course. 

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What to Do

Hike amid forest and between lakes in Lakeland, followed by a refreshing swim and a sauna. Cycle along some (or all) of the 155-mile (250 km) Archipelago Trail around the Turku Archipelago. Sail or paddle a canoe on lakes and inlets around the coast. Visit one or more of Finland's 41 national parks. 

While winter and spring are generally better times to see the Aurora borealis (Northern Lights), it's sometimes possible to see them as early as August. If you'd like to experience this natural phenomenon but can only travel to Finland in summer, aim to visit in August. Head north to Lapland for the greatest chances of seeing them.

Events in August

Organ and Aria Festival, Espoo. Lovers of classical music have plenty to enjoy in Finland in June. This festival starts in June and runs into August.

Flow Festival, Helsinki. This 2-3-day music festival in the capital provides a platform for a wide range of music genres, from indie rock to jazz to folk and more. It's held in mid-August, and booking tickets in advance is a good idea.

SAMPO Festival, Helsinki. This puppet festival is held at the end of August/beginning of September. It includes puppet troupes from around the world. It's not just for kids, but all members of the family will find something to entertain and delight.

Helsinki Festival. The largest multi-arts festival in Finland is held over two weeks in late August and early September.

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