Discover the amazing landscapes and diversity of the Basque Country. Enjoy five days of walking through diverse nature and local culture along the famous St. James Way—a combination of inland routes with spectacular coastal ones. From the glamorous city of San Sebastián to small towns rich in Basque history, you'll meet locals and learn how the Basque heritage has survived for thousands of years. Combined with fantastic gastronomy and charming hotels, this will be an experience that you won't easily forget.

Brief itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 San Sebastian to Zarautz Mutriku
Day 2 Urdaibai's Biosphere Reserve Urbaidai
Day 3 Basque traditions and rural life Gipuzkoa
Day 4 Climb mountain Txindoki Arbizu
Day 5 Natural Park of Urbasa Estella

Day 1: San Sebastian to Zarautz

From your hotel San Sebastian, you'll be transferred to Zarautz. Once in Zarautz, we'll walk along the coast and the St. James North Way until we finish up in Deba. You'll enjoy great views of the fishing villages, txakoli vineyards, and the ocean. Once we finish our walk in Deba, you'll take a short transfer to your hotel in Mutriku.

Walking distance: 22 km
Getaria, txakoli vineyards, the ocean view, flysch

Day 2: Urdaibai's Biosphere Reserve

After a 30-minute transfer by van, we'll arrive at Urdaibai's Biosphere Reserve. The idea is to walk along its diversity, discovering the Painted Forest of Oma, fishing villages like Elantxobe, and enjoy great views of the estuary.

Walking distance: 18 km
Highlights: Bosque pintado de Oma, Elantxobe, Urbaidai

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Day 3: Gipuzkoa

After a 40 min. drive to the Sanctuary of Aranzazu, we'll walk along the most historical and religious part of Gipuzkoa. We'll have the chance to discover the deepest Basque traditions, its rural life, and the place where the first university in the Basque Country was founded: Oñate. The idea is to arrive at the hotel all the way walking.

Walking distance: 25 km
Highlights: Magical church of La Antigua, rural life, and historical village of Oñate

Day 4: Mt. Txindoki

After a 30 min. drive to the starting point of Larraitz, we'll climb mountain Txindoki (the Basque Zermatt) and continue along the plateau of Aralar (1.100 m. altitude) discovering local cheese makers, and some prehistoric monuments. Our walk finishes in Navarre, and after a short drive, we'll get to our hotel in the small town of Arbizu.

Walking distance: 15 km
Highlights: Climbing mountain Txindoki, cheese makers, and prehistoric monuments.

Day 5: Natural Park of Urbasa

The last day is a deep walk in the Natural Park of Urbasa. First, a short drive to the place where the walk begins in the middle of the Natural Park. Along the circular walk, the forest with its color changes of the autumn and the mystical landscape will be our partners. We'll use the compass to “get lost” inside the forest and try to see wild animals like roe deer or rabbits. Once we finish with the loop, using the van we get to Estella, where the French Way of Saint James goes through, and the wineries of the Rioja land are nearby.

Walking distance: 10 km
Highlights: Caves, forest walks


Map of Hiking in Basque Country - 5 Days
Map of Hiking in Basque Country - 5 Days