June is the off-season in India: Delhi and the north are hot, while South and Northeast India are experiencing heavy rains. If you don’t mind braving the heat or the damp, this can be a good time to take advantage of reduced crowds and lower prices. Plus, there are cultural festivals in Kerala, Varanasi, and elsewhere to enjoy throughout the month, rain or shine.


In Delhi and its surrounding areas, June is hot with some rain. Average highs are about 102°F. Conditions are even hotter in desert-like Rajasthan, where temperatures can reach 105°F.

In many parts of India, June marks the start of the monsoon season. Kerala, Mumbai, Goa, and Kolkata are all very rainy during this month. In the Himalayas, rain and mist start becoming more prevalent at this time of year, with frequent rain storms in July and August.

Crowds & Costs

Due to the weather conditions, fewer international tourists visit India in June than in other months. Tourist attractions in South India tend to be quiet. While North India is generally quiet as well, it’s worth taking into account that many schools both locally and internationally are on vacation in June, which may lead to more visitors than you would think.

Where to Go

If you’re planning to visit the Golden Triangle, June is a month with thinner crowds. For those going to the Taj Mahal, it’s a good idea to arrive early in the day: this will allow you to avoid the large group tours, lines, and heat of mid-morning.

While Kerala is wet in June, you’ll be able to experience it without all the tourists of the high season. It’s worth noting that the Kerala monsoon doesn’t mean non-stop rain—showers fall intermittently throughout the day. In between, there is usually enough dry time to walk around and explore. The biggest thing to be aware of during the monsoon season is mud, which can make traveling around a messy affair. Be sure to pack appropriate rain gear for the best experience.

Although Tamil Nadu is hot at this time, you can expect little rain and few crowds. Summer can be a good time to soak up the ambiance of cities like Pondicherry and Chennai—plan your activities in mornings and evenings to avoid the heat.     

What to Do

In some parts of India, attractions may be closed due to the monsoon season. India’s national parks, for example, are better visited from February-May. In Kerala, however, most things function as usual despite the rain. You should have no trouble hiring a houseboat, or attending a kathakali dance performance. In the Delhi region, the weather is reasonable, and attractions are still in operation. Rising temperatures in the Himalayas mean that parts of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir are more accessible at this time of year. The country’s famous temples, of course, are open year-round.

Events in June

The inclement weather is no obstacle to India’s many colorful events. Plenty of festivals take place in June; here are some of the most interesting:

At Kerala’s Kottiyoor Vaishaka Mahotsavam, you'll see elephants and devotees treading through river water at the heart of the monsoon season. The rituals performed during this 28-day festival are performed in thatched huts, and dedicated to honoring Lord Shiva.

Much further north, in Himachal Pradesh, the Shimla Summer Festival is in full swing this month. This harvest-themed festival is five days long, and is kicked off by a half-marathon. Events include musical performances, folk performances, handicrafts exhibitions, and a flower show.

In Varanasi and Rishikesh, the important Hindu festival of Ganga Dussehra is celebrated around June. This holiday celebrates the mythical descent of the holy Ganges River from heaven to earth on this day. Pilgrims congregate beside the river to pray and bathe in its waters.

Finally, the Buddhist holy month of Saga Dawa usually falls during June as well. Primarily celebrated in Tibet, this important festival is also marked with prayers and processions in the Indian state of Sikkim. Keep in mind that many religious festivals in India are celebrated according to a lunar or lunisolar calendar, so dates vary from year to year—check before traveling to confirm exact dates.  

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