Most travelers will find that 11 to 14 days is perfect for a well-paced Portugal trip with stops in Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, and Évora. It's also possible to hit the highlights in 9 or 10 days if you don't mind a fast-paced journey. With more time, you can enjoy extra activities at each stop or a few days in another region like Algarve, Douro Valley, or Lagos. Keep reading for more inspiring Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, and Évora itineraries.

How many days do you need in Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto & Évora?

  • Most travelers spend 11-14 days in Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, and Évora combined
  • Visiting Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, and Évora in 9 or 10 days is possible, but it will feel rushed
  • With 15 or more days, most travelers choose to add more stops to their trip
  • The most common extensions are Algarve, Douro Valley, and Lagos

How Many Days to Spend in Portugal

Recommended Itineraries for Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto & Évora

Recommended Itinerary for 13 Days

Stroll past Porto's beautiful azulejo-tiled buildings
Stroll past Porto's beautiful azulejo-tiled buildings
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Porto, Afternoon Culinary Experience Porto
Day 2 Private Guided Tour of Porto, Portuguese Cooking Class Porto
Day 3 Day Trip to the Douro Valley & Wine Tasting Experience Porto
Day 4 Explore Porto & Northern Portugal Porto
Day 5 Day Trip to Peneda-Gerês National Park Porto
Day 6 Transfer to Coimbra, Private City Tour Coimbra
Day 7 Transfer to Évora & the Alentejo, Private City Tour Évora
Day 8 Free Day in the Alentejo Évora
Day 9 Transfer to Lisbon, Half-Day City Tour Lisbon
Day 10 Day Trip to Nazaré & Fátima Lisbon
Day 11 Day Trip to Sintra, Cascais & Estoril Lisbon
Day 12 Explore Lisbon's Surroundings: Sesimbra, Óbidos & Arrábida Natural Park Lisbon
Day 13 Depart Lisbon  

Brimming with culture, history, gastronomy, and a dash of outdoor adventure, this 13-day itinerary has something for everyone. Start in Porto for food tours, wine tasting, and day trips into Portugal's unspoiled north, then continue through Coimbra and Évora to look at stately cities and the sweeping plains of the Alentejo. End in Lisbon to explore the capital and surrounding countryside—home to seaside villages, fairy tale castles, and nature parks. Read more

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Extended Itineraries

15-Day Itinerary Including the Douro Valley & Algarve

Camilo Beach in Lagos
Camilo Beach in Lagos
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Lisbon, Explore Lisbon
Day 2 Private Tour of Old Lisbon Lisbon
Day 3 Day Trip to Sintra & Cascais Lisbon
Day 4 Transfer to Coimbra via Óbidos Coimbra
Day 5 Explore Coimbra Coimbra
Day 6 Transfer to the Douro Valley Douro Valley
Day 7 Douro Valley Wine Tasting Tour & Boat Ride, Transfer to Porto Porto
Day 8 Private Guided Tour of Porto with Wine Tasting Porto
Day 9 Free day in Porto Porto
Day 10 Transfer to Évora Évora
Day 11 Private Guided Tour of Évora & Monsaraz Évora
Day 12 Transfer to the Algarve Algarve
Day 13 Guided Tour of Villages & Beaches in the Algarve Algarve
Day 14 Return to Lisbon via the Vicentina Coast Lisbon
Day 15 Depart Lisbon  

Get a complete Portuguese experience with this 15-day trip that hits the country's north, south, and west. Begin with tours of Lisbon and the fairy-tale castles of Sintra, then head north to sample the wines and flavors of Porto and the Douro Valley. Meet Portuguese history in medieval Coimbra, fortified Óbidos, and the ancient Roman city of Évora. Venture back south to the pristine coast of the Algarve to end your journey relaxing on its world-famous beaches. Read more

How to travel between Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto & Évora

How to get from Lisbon to Porto
The journey between Lisbon and Porto is 195 miles (314 km) and averages 2.5 to 3.5 hours. There are several ways to get between the two major cities, but the most convenient and comfortable way to make the trip is via train. Read more

How to get from Lisbon to Coimbra
Traveling from Lisbon to Coimbra, a distance of 127 miles (205 km), is easy with various transport options. The train is the fastest way to get there and the most convenient. There is also a bus available, taking slightly more time than the train. Driving is a good option if you want more flexibility and like to go at your own pace. Read more

How to get from Lisbon to Évora
Traveling from Portugal's capital Lisbon to Évora, in the Alentejo region, is a distance of 83 miles (134 km). The fastest option is by bus, with frequent departures throughout the day, taking around 1.5 hours. Read more


Map of Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto & Évora: Best Itinerary Ideas
Map of Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto & Évora: Best Itinerary Ideas