Get ready for carnivals, beach parties, and Mayan dance performances at the Chichen Itza ruins in March. It is a great month not only to visit the beaches in the south but also go sightseeing in central and north of Mexico. Join one of Mexico's best music festivals and join the spring celebration in historical Teotihuacan. Enjoy a canal boat ride in Xochimilco and go on grand adventures such as ziplining above canyons.


The weather in Mexico in March starts becoming more pleasant in certain areas. The central and northern cities start warming up while the south gets slightly warmer as well. The average temperatures are around 78-80 ºF in Mexico City during the day but drop to about 45-50 ºF at night. If you are visiting Mexico City in March, bring warmer clothing with you for the chilly nights and be mindful of the smog that becomes more present.

If you are sensitive to pollution, try to avoid the morning and afternoon commute times. However, the beautiful flowering jacarandas are in full bloom here in March, which is a lovely sight. In the Yucatán Peninsula, in cities such as Cancún, temperatures climb up to 85 ºF. The Pacific Coast and Baja Peninsula both have similar weather to Yucatán. March is still a dry month, and you will not experience a lot of rain. 

Crowds & Costs

March gets busy in Mexico, and it gets particularly crowded in the south along the coasts. Beaches become filled with a lot of people, especially during the American spring break. A lot of people take their vacation before Easter starts, and in Mexico, Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated significantly. Many Mexicans prepare for the holiday weeks before and take time off work to travel south.

If you are looking for fewer tourists, you can head to the central or north of Mexico. You can also go to smaller cities with a lot of history and culture, but fewer tourists, such as Malinalco and Chihuahua.

Where to go

March is the perfect time to visit one of the fantastic hidden gems in Mexico—Grutas Tolantongo. In this hot spring resort, you will find thermal pools tucked away among lush trees and turquoise waters. It is one of the unique places in Mexico with several caves and a photographer's paradise. It is located 107 miles north of Mexico City, and the best way to travel here is by car or transfer.

International tourists rarely visit the place due to the distance to major cities. That is also what makes this place a jewel found in the mountains of Mexico. Enjoy hiking, explore the hot water cave, and relax or play in the many thermal pools that are found here. There is even a large pool with a waterslide and several places to dive from. 

March is also a great time to visit Mexico City. The city gets warmer, and cold nights are now warmer. It is also the end of the dry season, which means you won't have to worry about a lot of rain. It makes it an ideal time to go sightseeing and to enjoy the city. Head to Reforma Avenue, where the Jacaranda trees light up the whole area. Early March is the best time to see these beautiful lavender flowers bloom, but it starts already in February. 

There are various performances you can enjoy as the Mexicans welcome the beginning of spring. Another place to enjoy this event is in Teotihuacan—the city of Gods, just 30 miles north of Mexico City. You can expect a grand celebration with thousands of people gathering around the site to take in its energy as it aligns with the sun. The city was built during the Mayan period more than 2,500 years ago. 

Another great place to visit in Mexico in March is Malinalco, south of Mexico City. It is a town filled with legends and steeped in mystery. It was once an important place for the Aztecs, and you will get to see more of Mexico's history and how the country looked 500 years ago. The town is set amongst mountains and attracts a lot of people with its history, flora and fauna, and spirituality.

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What to do

While you are in Mexico City, go on a canal boat ride in Xochimilco. It is one of the highlights in the city during this time, and the colorful boats are a perfect opportunity to relax and go sightseeing without having to walk. If you want to enjoy a boat ride with the locals, go during the weekend before or after Easter. Make sure to visit the Chichen Itza ruins as well and take part in the spring equinox celebrations.

Visit Chihuahua and go on a cultural sightseeing tour. Chihuahua is the largest Mexican state, north of Mexico City, with a lot of history to show for itself. Visit the Cathedral of Chihuahua, museums, and the archeological site Casas Grandes (the great houses).

There is more to the city than history and culture, however. You can find a lot of adventure here as well, such as ziplining over the canyons in Batopilas and go on hiking adventures in Barranca del Cobre. Spend several days here and enjoy a vacation away from massive tourism, in nature with caves and walks through villages such as Corecahui

Overall, March is a great month to enjoy hiking and sightseeing in the central and north of Mexico and enjoy parties and beach time in the south. There are also several events to enjoy, such as the Vive Latino Music Festival and the Festival de Mexico in the old part of Mexico City. It is also the carnival season with several minor and more significant events taking place throughout the country. 

Events in March

Spring Equinoxaround March 20. The celebration of the equal hours of daylight and night is celebrated across Mexico. At the famous Chichen Itza ruins, there are performances such as native Mayan dancing. It is an entirely different opportunity to see the ruins in a unique setting. Teotihuacan is another excellent option to attend the event. Thousands of people gather around the pyramids to absorb the energy that is released by the equinox. 

National Pyrotechnic Festival – This spectacular week-long festival takes place in Tultepec, a Mexico City suburb that is the center of Mexico’s artisanal fireworks industry.

Festival  Centro Histórico México is a two-week-long event starting on various dates in March each year. You can expect a lot of fun with several types of music, such as jazz and classical music. There are dance performances and events for children as well. 

Vive Latino Music Festival in Mexico City, mid-March, is a big event with electrical, Latin American, and pop music. It has taken place every year for more than 20 years and is one of the largest and most important music festivals in the country. The event takes place over the weekend. 

Inception Music Festival in Cancún is the largest spring break event in the world. The festival starts in March and goes on for a month. Expect big beach parties and a lot of fun among a younger crowd. The event goes on during both daytime and nighttime, and some of the best places to visit are mandala Beach and Palazzo. 

Carnivals in Veracruz & Mazatlán are both filled with great parades, live music, parties, and dance performances. In Veracruz, the festival lasts for nine days and is the biggest one in Mexico. There is a lot of salsa dancing here while in Mazatlán you will find music played by brass bands. 

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