August in southern Mexico is quite hot—great for the traveler who loves water-based activities—while cooler northern Mexico offers plenty of culture and outdoor activities. On Guadalupe Island, you can dive with the Great White Sharks that arrive in abundance this month. Or, visit Oaxaca to see the amazing Hierve el Agua waterfalls, and to experience sought-after regional culture. Read on for more about the weather and activities in August.


August is usually rainy with warm weather and humidity in southern Mexico. In the north, the weather is more dry and hot. The summer is hurricane season and with a higher probability of hurricanes in August. It is always a good idea to keep track of the weather forecast. The average temperatures are around 90-100 °F, particularly in the south. 

In the Yucatán Peninsula, it is the hottest month of the year, with average temperatures around 95 °F. Hurricanes are not common here with only two storms in the past 30 years, which makes it a safe place to travel to in August. The warm weather and the humidity makes for a great time in the water, with a lot of opportunities to enjoy water-based activities. 

In Baja California, it can get sweltering, so time in the water is almost a must. Temperatures sometimes reach 110 °F, and the average is approximately 95-100 °F. If you want to enjoy more sunny days with less rain, it is better to travel at the beginning of the month. The risk for hurricanes is pretty low but can occur. 

On the Pacific Coast, there is a lot of rain in August, but the weather is warm. You can expect around 95 °F with milder evenings at 70-75 °F. The rain usually comes and goes but tends to be heavier than in other places in Mexico. In Mexico City and central Mexico, it rains a bit less than in June and July with temperatures around 75 °F during the day, dropping to 55-60 ° at night. 

Crowds & Costs

August tends to be quieter than June and July, with fewer international tourists and more national visitors. If you plan on visiting the Pacific Coast, you can find great deals on accommodation and flights. It can get a little busier when the school holidays take place in some schools and families visit the coast. Popular beaches and attractions draw more travelers, but it doesn't get nearly as busy as in the winter months. 

Where to Go

A great place to visit in August is the uninhabited Guadalupe Island, which attracts a lot of Great White Sharks, following the colder waters. August to October is Guadalupe liveaboard season. It is about 70 °F in the sea, making it one of the coldest temperatures in Guadalupe. However, you will enjoy visiting the island in August because of the ideal diving opportunities and shark encounters.

The ocean is also at its calmest, which is another reason diving is so good here this time of year. If you want to dive here, you can take a boat tour and have it arranged for you. Since you can only access the island by liveaboard, it is wise to book this in advance if you want to dive. You usually go on a several-day tour, so there is enough time for a lot of fun and many, many shark encounters. 

This is also the month to enjoy liveaboard diving in the Sea of Cortez. The waters here are much warmer than Guadalupe with approximately 80 °F. In August-November, you have the best chance to encounter hammerheads in this region. In the city of La Paz, there are a lot of lovely beaches to choose from.

If you are looking for exciting water adventures, then take a trip here in August. It is quieter than Cabo, and you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, which are the highlights during the month. Head to the Balandra beach to snorkel with stingrays or visit the family-friendly El Tesoro beach. 

In Cancún, you have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks who love the August weather. Spend time at the Ziggy beach with some of the greatest coral reef systems and enjoy snorkeling and diving here. To get a bit of variety, head to Oaxaca and visit the fantastic waterfalls of Hierve el Agua.

Oaxaca also has a lot of other incredible things to offer, such as Monte Alban. Monte Alban is one of the oldest cities in Mesoamerica and is one of the important cultural centers of the Zapotecs. Surrounded by mountains, there are ancient ruins all over the place with some great views of the valleys below.

What to Do

Water-based activities are the highlights of August in Mexico. It is a perfect time to enjoy snorkeling, diving with sharks, and swimming—particularly in the south. A mix of culture, exploration, and water fun is a great vacation mix in August. It is also an excellent time to enjoy summer events, such a the Monterrey International Film Festival and the Fiestas de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival) in Guadalupe Valley. 

If you want a cultural and traditional event, join the Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y de la Charreria Guadalajara. If you are after a quieter time with a lot of history and culture, Mexico City is great for that. You can escape the rain while cooling off from the heat in the south.

Walk around the capital city and visit museums, such as the Museo del Estanquillo or the Soumaya Museum of art. Most of the museums are free to enter either daily or at least once a week. End your day by having a nice dinner in a nice Mexican restaurant. 

Events in August

Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y de la Charreria in Guadalajara, last week of August. During this event. You can see the streets of Guadalajara come to life with mariachi music and performances. It is the most significant cultural event in the city with musicians from all over the world. There are also auditions, parades, and music competitions. 

Fiestas de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival) in Guadalupe Valley, beginning of August. This event celebrates the grape harvest and includes visits to wineries, fine dining, wine tasting, and concerts. The celebration starts with a show at the Centro Cultural Riviera del Pacífico in Ensenada with a focus on local cuisine and vintage wines. 

Exposicion Nacional de Artesanias (ENART) in Tlaquepaque, mid-August. During this event, over 130 Mexican artisans gather from all over Mexico to display their work. You will find everything from wood accessories and furniture to ceramics and candles. 

Monterrey International Film Festival in Monterrey, mid-August. This festival is great for adults as well as children where filmmakers present their work. Enjoy a lot of film-watching with a lot of different genres throughout the city. 

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