July in Mexico is all about beach time and water adventures. It is one of the hottest months, making it an ideal time to swim, snorkel, and dive in underwater caves. Take a trip to the Sea of Cortez to swim among beautiful reefs and whale sharks, cooling off in a cenote in Cancún. Go on exploration tours in the Sierra Madre, or head to one of the world's best diving reef sites in Cozumel. This month, you can also attend the annual Grape Harvest Festival, where you can bike between vineyards and enjoy some of the country's best wines.


July in Mexico is the hottest month with a lot of humidity. The weather makes it perfect for enjoying beach time and cooling down in the waters by swimming and diving in the ocean. It is the rainiest month of the year, but you will still find a lot of sunshine in many cities. In Baja California, the temperatures are around 95-105 °F, and it often feels hotter with the humidity.

In the Yucatán Peninsula, you can expect warm weather as well. Despite the hurricane season starting, the chance of experiencing here is low. Temperatures are around 90 -95°F during the day and about 80-85 °F during the night. It rains a bit more in July, but it usually comes in short bursts with a lot of sunshine overall. 

Along the Pacific Coast, it rains more than other places in the south, but it is still hot. Expect approximately the same temperatures as in Yucatán with a few degrees les during the evening. In Mexico City, you will see a lot of sunshine with rain showers toward the late afternoon and evening. The average temperatures in Mexico City are around 75 °F. 

In the Mexican highlands, in the Sierra Madre, for example, the weather is more pleasant with minor showers in the evening. The daily temperatures are around 73-75 °F - perfect for enjoying sightseeing and hiking.

Crowds & Costs

The crowds in Mexico vary depending on the place you are visiting. In Mexico City, you can expect more tourists and a busy month. Make sure to book your stay well in advance, given the demand and prices increasing. On the other hand, it is an excellent time to find good deals to places like the Pacific Coast and the Yucatán Peninsula—because of the heat and increased rain, there are not that many people traveling to these places.

Where to Go

Head to the Mexican highlands in July and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Visit the Sierra Madre—one of the world's largest mountain ranges. You will practically see no rain at all, and the humidity here is much lower during the month as well. It is ideal for explorations and adventure during the day and relaxed evenings indoors with a nice dinner. There are various places you can hike through, some of the best being Copper Canyon and Sierra Oriental

In Baja California, visit the Sea of Cortez and head to the town Mulegé. You will find a lot of diving opportunities as well as other water sports. Mulegé is the largest bay in Baja, California, with beautiful beaches and perfect for cooling down in summer. There are not a lot of tourist amenities, which makes it feel authentic and even more appealing.

Another place to visit in July is Cozumel in the Yucatán Peninsula. You will have a lot of fun diving here with some of the best conditions for that in July. Cozumel is known to be one of the world's best reef diving sites, as well as the number of drift dives. Drift diving is a type of scuba diving where you are transported by water movement that is caused by the ocean current.

Take the opportunity to go cenote diving in Cancún as well. Scuba diving in a cenote is an exciting experience, so make sure to try that. The water is clear and pure, helping you to cool down from the heat. Some of the best cenotes in Cancún are Cenote Azul, Cenote dos Ojos (fewer tourists), and Cenote Yal Ku.

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What to Do

July is one of the best months for diving and enjoying other water-based activities. Cozumel is one of the best places for this with a lot of marine life. Arrange for a tour to see the best spots or get private lessons in diving, snorkeling, and scuba diving. In La Paz, Baja California, you can snorkel with sea lions and go on exciting kayaking trips during the month. If you like heat, wildlife, and water adventure, this is a great month to try new things and be adventurous. 

Head to Sea Cortez and enjoy the warm and calm waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Explore the beautiful bay and go kayaking to enjoy the surroundings to the fullest. Head to Mulegé and go diving, explore the friendly town, and relax on one of the stunning beaches. There is no short of activities here, and you can also try sailing and go fishing. July brings excellent visibility, and the underwater life is lovely and exciting. 

Continue to Isla Mujeres, which attracts hundreds of whale sharks every year, particularly in July. Take the opportunity to dive with these amazing creatures. Then, go cenote diving and swim in underwater among the caves. The light is excellent in July, making it more visible as you swim here. There is also a shark festival that takes place here during this time. 

Events in July

The Guelaguetza festival in Oaxaca takes place in the last two weeks of July. Enjoy Mexican culture and traditional dances during this colorful event. 

Guanajuato Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in Mexico. It is also one of the most significant ones in entire Latin America. The festival starts on the third Friday in July and lasts for ten days. 

Ruta del Vino Bike Ride and Wine Festival in Guadalupe Valley, Baja California. This exciting event lets you ride a bike through Mexico's main wine-producing region. During the ride, you will pass by around 25 wineries, and in the end, you can enjoy some delicious wine yourself. The distance is 40 miles (64 km) and is a combination of the world-class cycling event and the wine festival. You will find some of the best winemakers pairing up with award-winning local chefs.  

Whale Shark Festival in Isla Mujeres, mid-July. This event lasts for three days and lets you enjoy a lot of activities fun. You have the opportunity to participate in sportfishing, diving, and snorkeling tours. You can also swim with whale sharks, and there are several activities for kids as well. The event focuses on sustainable ecotourism, and you will learn a lot about the marine in this part of Mexico and how the underwater creatures and plants are being taken care of. 

Fiestas de la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival) in Queretaro, the second half of July. This is your opportunity to crush grapes with your feet and enjoy wine tasting and a festive atmosphere.  

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