June is an ideal month for the traveler who likes to explore authentic Mexico. If you want to experience a different Mexico - this is the time. Enjoy sightseeing and festival celebration in colorful San Miguel de Allende, go cenote diving in Cancún, and visit several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. June is the sea turtle nesting season, with several species making their appearance. Head to Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres, or Cancún for the best sea turtle experience. To escape the heat, visit the Mexican Highlands and enjoy history, culture, and hiking.


In June, the rainy season takes place in Mexico, and it gets hot and humid. The rainy season has its advantages, and one of them is the unique scenery. The vegetation is beautiful during this time, and you can see everything flourishing. It is a different sight of Mexico that you don't get to see very often.

There is usually only rain for shorter periods in either the afternoon, evening, or at night. When it does rain, there's a lot of it, and you can expect approximately 12 days of rain with thunderstorms during the month. However, before and after the rain, it is sunny with plenty of opportunities to enjoy beach time and activities. 

The hurricane season also starts in June but doesn't usually hit as strong as later in the summer. In places like Cancún, this is a rare occurrence, however. The temperatures reach their peak during summer, and there are often heavy storms along the Pacific Coast.

Along the shores of the Yucatán Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico, they are much less frequent. As mentioned, it gets hot and humid in the summer. The average temperature in the Yucatán Peninsula is approximately 90-95°F, with a bit more rain. Baja California has almost no rain, and the temperatures are similar to Yucatán, only that they drop in the evening, which is a nice cool-off. If you want to escape the heat, then head to the highlands in Mexico, like Chiapas or San Miguel de Allende

Crowds & Costs

A good thing about June in Mexico? There are hardly any tourists. This is a great month to enjoy a relaxed, quiet vacation. You can find great deals on hotels and flights. If you don't mind the rain and heat, you can enjoy a family vacation or romantic getaway at a great price (and in solitude).

Where to Go

If you want some quality beach time, head to the Yucatán Peninsula and enjoy the beaches here. Far from the rain, you can swim and dive in the ocean and relax on the white-sand beaches. A highlight in June in Mexico is the whale sharks near Isla Mujeres. You can go on boat tours or swim with them in the ocean. Isla Mujeres is also great to spot various Mexican sea turtles and visit the turtle farm—Tortugranja.

Continue to Oaxaca, famous for its cuisine and charm. You will experience an authentic Mexican atmosphere here while exploring the colorful, colonial center. While you are here, try the typical Los Pacos and La Olla (the pot). The town has a significant cultural scene, and there is always something to enjoy, including concerts, live music, and art exhibitions. The indigenous villages that surround Oaxaca host various markets during the week. You will also find ruins of pre-Hispanic civilizations, such as Mitla and Monte Alban

For a historical sightseeing experience, visit Morelia—the capital state of Michoacán. The days here are warm, the nights cool down, and it is a great escape. The city is approximately four hours by car or bus west of Mexico City, and the colonial center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander down the narrow streets, explore the museums, and enjoy the historical buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. Another beautiful sight is Palacio Clavijero, which showcases visual arts.

It is an ideal time to visit the Mexican highlands as well and explore places such as San Miguel de Allende. It is a beautiful town where you can enjoy sightseeing and milder weather during this time. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has gorgeous buildings, cozy streets, and a lot of history. If you want to get away from the beaches and have a more cultural experience, this is a great place to be in June. Get some Mexican handicraft souvenirs while you are here and enjoy music playing as you stroll down this colorful town. 

An hour by bus from San Miguel de Allende, you can visit the town Guanajuato—another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mexico. Visit the famous artist Diego Rivera's home and museum and the stunning Teatro Juárez. The city is perfect for visiting for another authentic Mexican feel.

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What to Do

June is particularly suitable for sightseeing and visiting the highlands of Mexico. Diving and snorkeling are also lovely during this time, especially in the south, since the weather is so hot. June is the sea turtle season and makes for a perfect exploration of islands such as Isla Mujeres, Cancún, and Riviera Maya. The Green Turtle and the Loggerhead Turtle begin their nesting season during this month. 

If you visit Riviera Maya, visit the Chichen Itza Ruins and jump into one of the many cenotes here. Some of the best ones are Cenote Azul and Cenote Jardin del Eden. June is the perfect time to cool off in one of these when you want to escape the heat, and it is also a lot of fun. You won't have to wait in line, and these aren't as crowded in June. 

Go city-hopping and enjoy sightseeing in Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. In San Miguel de Allende, visit El Jardin (Plaza Allende)—a French-style square where you can enjoy entertainment from various artists and local musicians. It is a perfect hideaway with great views of Parrochia. Visit the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel - the most famous church here, and browse and shop for artwork at Fabrica de Aurora

In Guanajuato, you will find centuries-old alleyways and Baroque buildings. The city has breathtaking scenery - arguably the best in Mexico, and one of the best in the world. You will enjoy this different aspect of Mexico with so much culture, architecture, and history.

Visit the Museo de las Momias (mummy museum) with more than 100 mummies. Since Guanajuato was initially a silver mining town, visiting one of those silver mines is a must. You can get a guided tour trough El Nopal Mina (the Nopal Mine) in the center or take the bus or car to Minas San Cayetano.

Events in June

Feria de San Pedro (St. Peter's Fair) in Tlaquepaque near Guadalajara, mid-June. This celebration of the saints St. Peter and St. Paul. You will find live music and performances in Jardín Hidalgo, every night, as well as concerts and activities.

Día de Los Locos (The Day of the Crazies) in San Miguel de Allende, Sunday closest to June 13. This event celebrates the "crazies" that we all have within us. It is a fun event, encouraging expression of madness with satire, costumes, music, and folklore. You will see strings of marchers and dancers in parades around the center, throwing candy at the crowd. Some even bring umbrellas to catch the candy. 

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Highlights of Chiapas - 6 Days. On this six-day itinerary of Chiapas, you will explore the highlights in and around San Cristóbal de las Casas. Visit amazing natural landscapes and culturally significant indigenous communities. You will go on a discovery tour to Sumidero Canyon, trek to azure-colored waterfalls, and enjoy the many lakes of Montebello Lakes National Park. You will also roam vibrant markets, try traditional food, and visit historic colonial town centers.

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